October 11, 2006

Joint Mechanism with Pakistan : Letter to Manmohan from BNF chairman Abdul Hamid Khan

Date: 10th Oct. 2006

Mr. Manmohan Singh
The Honourable Prime Minister of India
New Delhi
Your Excellency,

I have the honour to write to you on the meeting held with the
Musharraf and “Joint Statement” issued during the NAM summit in Havana. It is
premature to predict the achievements of this meeting because no body
knows what would be the planning of ISI behind the curtains. It has been
cleared by your government, that the mechanism to curb the terrorism
would be worked out jointly.
As far as General Musharraf’s assurance to your honour is concerned,
it’s not a new. Every one knows, that Musharraf is a clever person or
have a clever advisor, he is always very quick to condemn act of
terrorism anywhere in the world in spite Pakistan’s involvement and offers
some sort of help. Condemning recent bomb blasts at Malegaon and Mumbai is
a good example of this. In the past the first country who condemn was
Talibaan regime and also Pakistan establishment issued statement
immediately after the attack on Twin Towers in New York and condemned
Al-Qaida. This strategy has officially been adopted by Pakistan and its
Terrorist Military Rulers, to fool the world community. Pakistan establishment
on a number of occasion has arrested its own terrorists (Al-Qaida and
Talibaan) to defuse the international pressure. But did not register any
punishable case against these terrorists, such petty actions ensnared
the world including Indian Govt. You may recall that recently Pakistani
Military rulers arrested Lashkar-e-Toiba Chief under 16 MPO, which is
not a criminal section of the law, and was kept in a Govt. rest house
in Lahore, like a foreign dignitary. Later Lahore High Court was told to
release him. These kinds of acts had been repeated many times in the
Now, I would like to mention the possible aims and objectives of
General Musharraf, behind the “JOINT MECHANISM” to curb the terrorism. We
all know, the pattern by which General Musharraf and Bush are jointly
dealing the terrorism and became coalition partners. Yes, Musharraf has
handed over many Al-Qaida and some Talibaan terrorists to USA and killed
some of them. It’s also fact that Musharraf has been appreciated and
praised for this by Bush Administration time and again irrespective of
the results. In spite of all these so-called curbing exercises, no one
can be sure to say that terrorism and its threat would decline.
Musharraf and ISI instead of reining in Al-Qaida and Talibaans are supporting
them. For example, if 1 terrorist of Talibaan/Al-Qaida is killed or
arrested, ISI replaces it with 2 trained cadres. Not only this, these
groups in Pakistan are being alerted by giving them advance information
about the operations being launched by USA. Although, Pakistan is sharing
some of its intelligence information with the USA, but vital
information are being kept veiled. ISI had learned many tricks/lessons from CIA
during Afghan war with USSR and even after 9/11 bombing. ISI is using
these tricks against USA and getting appreciation from USA.
I fear, the information, which will be passed to ISI by Indian
Intelligence, in the coming days, to curb terrorists, would be passed on to
the concerned terrorists. Secondly, ISI will shift the most wanted
terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and Syed Salahuddin to any other country
before implementing this agreement.
It’s my humble appeal and suggestion that India should accept General
Musharraf’s proposal for joint control over J&K including Gilgit,
Baltistan, Astore, Chilas, Darel, Tangir, Chitral and other places to
destroy the terrorists’ camps according to the “Joint Mechanism” to curb the
terrorism. It should be kept in mind, that Gilgit - Baltistan is the
weakness of Pakistan and India should ask Pakistan to hand over these
areas to overcome the terror menace, if Musharraf’s offer is genuine.
Handling of Gilgit-Baltistan by India and Pakistan jointly would not only
help in wiping out the terrorism from the area but would also be useful
for the settlement of J&K dispute.
Terrorist camps after being kept dormant for some time have been again
re-activated by ISI in Gilgit- Baltistan and other areas. One can
imagine, that temporary camps have been established in this sommer in the
small villages and high altitude pastures in the Tehsil of Yasin by ISI
with the help of the local Wahabi fundamentalist administration and
Police. The places, where Talibaan and Al-Qaida terrorists were settled
are Giyekoshi and Doolong, Darkoot, Yasin and Damalgan, Yasin and high
pasture of Tesil Ishkomen which border with Afghanistan. In the first
week of July 2006, some 40 terrorists including 13 from Punjab of Pakistan
in the leadership of a local Al-Qaida supporter Mir Jahan Shah from
Damalgan, Yasin stayed a month in Dooloong Darkot. Tehsil dar/Magistare
of Yasin Shah Zaman is the main who facilitate these terrorists by the
guidance of ISI. The other main Al-Qaida/Talibaan local Wahabi
activists are government employees 1. Saboor s/o Abdul Qayoom, ISI employee
from Thawoos, Yasin
2 Abdul Qayoom forest department, 3. Mohammad Jan patwari from Ghojalti
village of Yasin of local administration, 4. Mohammad Yousuf, employee
5. Abdul Majeed government employee from Yasin, 6. Liaqat a retired
teacher from Morke Yasin, 7. Abdur Rahman of Barkolti, Yasin, 8. Usman of
Post Office department from Barkolti Yasin and 9. Wazir Mohammad Khan
from darkoot, Yasin 10. Mir Jahan Shah from Dammalgan, Yasin. When the
local Shia Imami Ismailia majority population raised strong abjection,
ISI shift them to other places, by declaring them as Tablighis
(religious preachers). Al-Qaida ? Talibaan were come from Broghol of Chitral
NWFP. They stored huge cash of arms and ammunition in Giyekoshi and then
transferred to Dooloong in the leadership of Tehsildar Yasin, when
local Ismailia people raised objection. Later Shah zaman the Wahabi
Terrorist leader warned the local people of Dahrkoot for dire
consequences.Though this is Ismailia dominated Tehsil, where Wahabis are in small
number. One can imagine, how ISI has managed to establish terrorist network
under Musharraf regime in other Wahabi dominated places of Occupied
Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, besides Pakistan.
These terrorists of Yasin Tehsil killed a local Ismailia person Niat
Baig a retired soldier, in the leadership of Tehsildar Shah zaman and
Saboor s/o Abdul Qayoom of Thawoos an ISI agent. The victim was the main
hurdle in the way of the terrorists. Shah Zaman himself discovered the
dead body and claimed that he was killed in the accident of his car,
though gun bullets found which was used in the murder. Yet, no arrest has
been met because of the terrorist administration and it’s ISI support.
It would be a grave mistake, if USA, UK, India, Afghanistan or any
other country and its intelligence agencies trust Musharraf and ISI by
neglecting their past tricks, lies and evil designs. Joint Mechanism to
curb the terrorism with Pakistan by India or even USA or UK, is just like
an appeal to a killer to reveal his crime to the kin of the victim. ISI
is behind all the killings, bombings, kidnappings and rape cases not
only in J&K but all over the world and particularly in India and India as
a whole is a victim. How one can expect that a victim (India) can get
justice from the killer (Pakistan)? The world community and the Indian
Government particularly should know Musharraf’s pretext of not
allowing Kargil Skardu and Kashmir Astore road, while many routes across the
LOC have been opened. There are two main reasons. First is the
Pakistan’s nuclear bombs installation on the Skardu Airport under the
mountain and secondly the presence of terrorists and their camps in the whole
area, for example Ghowadi in Baltistan and Domel in the Astore
In the light of the above mentioned facts, it is regrettable to say,
that I don’t agree with the views of your honour, that Pakistan is a
victim of terrorism. If Pakistan is a victim, who is compelling Pakistan to
settle/establish terrorists camps on its soil? Why Pakistan does not
destroy the terrorist camps? Why Pakistan allows terrorists to handle all
kinds of Military weapons freely? Why terrorists did not kill any
leader in Pakistan so far? Why terrorists’ leaders are allowed to deliver
hatred speeches freely? If Nawab Akbar Bugti a political leader can be
killed, why terrorist leaders like Hafiz Mohammad. Saeed and Salahuddin
and thousands of terrorists are safe in Pakistan? How the activities of
Talibaans are increasing day by day if Pakistan is not support them?
Who supplies heavy arms and ammunitions to Talibaan and Al-Qaida, if ISI
is not involved? How retired ISI persons can manage huge quantity of
arms and ammunitions to Talibaan, without Pakistan Govt, what Musharraf
has admitted in his media interview during his recent visit to USA? Why
Osama and his colleagues are safe, if Musharraf is serious in dealing
with terrorism? If it is not ISI then who is managing to deliver and
carry the speech of Osama and Al-Zawahiri to Al-Jazira TV and other news
Pakistan has deployed more than 80000 troops on the borders of
Afghanistan and getting huge aid in terms of money and weapons from USA to stop
the infiltration of terrorists. In reality, Musharraf and ISI are using
their forces to facilitate Talibaan and providing them arms and
ammunitions so that they could fight against the coalition forces in
Afghanistan. But Bush still praises Musharraf. I don’t know whether it is an USA
strategy or they are unaware of Musharraf’s double game. Musharraf
could fool the USA and the world leaders but cannot fool the people of
Gilgit-Baltistan, because we are the eyewitness of Pakistan’s atrocities
and evil designs. As far as the attacks on Musharraf are concerned, I
don’t believe they were genuine; those were manipulated to show the world
community that he is being targeted because he is fighting against

Kindly go through this letter carefully before you really start
sharing intelligence with Pakistan’s ISI.

With warmest regards,

Yours sincerely

Abdul Hamid Khan
Balwaristan National Front
Head off: Majini Mahla, Gilgit
Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
WEBSITE (Urdu & English)
Urdu & Eng: www.balawaristan.net
EMAIL: balawaristan@usa.com

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