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State Terrorism of the worst Kind
Rawalpindi, Feb 5, 2007:

There has always been a question mark against the assertion if Pakistan
has the least semblance to any type of democracy. However, if there was
any misunderstanding on this count, it should be removed just now with
the realization that it is the worst type of military dictatorship
under the garb of so many deceptive epithets challenging all those who
claim the right of and aspire for pure and simple and understandable
democracy. Why?

A function held in connection with the 'Kashmir Bachao' (save Kashmir)
campaign under the auspices of pro-establishment 'Kashmir Committee' in
Holiday Inn Hotel (Islamabad) yesterday. It was also attended by many
so called pro-establishment dignitaries and generals like Hameed Gul of
'varan fame' and others who were preaching 'jehad' non-stop as the only
solution of Jammu Kashmir dispute (just think of this shameless lot
famous for being land and plot mafia), for to them, it was not the problem
of people of Jammu Kashmir but that of Muslim Ummah. Mr. Arif Shahid,
Secretary General of JKNLF and a member of 'Bolore Jammu Kashmir (BJK)
All Parties National Alliance (APNA), was also invited by a member of
the management and also spoke there. He contradicted the views put forth
by the pro-establishment speakers, especially generals, and said that '
Kashmir issue could only be resolved through peaceful struggle and
dialogue and not through militancy and 'jehad'. He also said that Kashmir
is to be saved from nobody else except the rulers and ruling classes of
Pakistan, because this issue was there due to their wrong policies'.
After some time when he left the Hotel at about 4 pm, he was followed and
chased by 2 persons on motorbyke even to his house at 'Adiala Road'
where he reached after 6 pm. After a while he was told that a host of
motorbykes and jeeps with about 20-25 strong contingent (some of them on
the roofs of adjoining houses) in civies had surrounded his house. It was
about 7 pm. His telephone, mobile and other communication was disturbed
and disrupted. He was left disconnected and completely helpless. His
guests coming to meet him were misbehaved and sent back with the commnad
to keep shut. The dreadful state of affairs prevailed upto 12.30 am and
partly upto 4 am in the morning on 5th Feb, 07 (some snippers remained
there on roofs of other houses). He, alongwith other inmates of the
house remained disconnected with the outside world for about 9 hours and
was extremely terrified without knowing why - a complete hostage? In the
meantime, perhaps one of the guests communicated to some one in Europe
(Mr. Khalik Habib) who informed Mr. Shahid's colleagues, friends,
partymen and relatives within country - Shaukat Maqbool Butt, Sardar Anwar,
Mirza Wajahat Hassan Khan, Col (R) Mirza Nadir Hassan Khan, Sardar
Sabir Kashmiri, Sardar Aftab Ahmed Khan, and others of this vandalism and
state terrorism, who started communicating and expressing their worries.
They also reached to him at about 1 am in the morning on 5th Feb, 07.
Thus this unjustified and condemnable siege was lifted partly after 5
and partly after 9 hours, whereas his communication system was restored
in the morning on 5 Feb, 07, which also shows that communication
ministry as well as the entire life of the people in Pakistan is also at the
mercy of secret agencies!

Is this a place to live? Is this a country to be considered country
amongst other countries of the world? Is this a govt. to be called govt.?
Is this a state to stay? Mr. Arif Shahid didn't preach violence,
terrorism, militancy and bloodshed, but appealed for peace, dialogue and
spoke truth right in the face of plunderers and exploiters. Should no body
speak truth in front of Hameed Gul of 'Varan' and other generals? These
questions beg answer which is due to all the citizens of Pakistan and
the world at large.

Issued by All Parties National Alliance (APNA), Which Represents both the parts
of Pakistan Occupied Jamuu & Kashmir (including Gilgit Baltistan and

Balawaristan National Front(BNF) condemns Pakistan State Sponsored
Terrorism against the nationalist political parties and religious opponents
by giving free hand to all those terrorists, who obey the orders of
Musharraf and his ISI. ISI has kidnapped many Kashmiri leaders and
innocent people of Gilgit Baltistan in the past including Sardar Shakat Ali
kashmiri, Chairman of UKPNP, Shafqat Ali Inqalabi of KNM, Mr. Bilal
Qazalbash a techaer and Syed Sharf-Ud-Din a semi government employee. ISI
has also kidnapped many Baluchis, Sindhis and Muhajirs, who dare to deny
the orders of ISI. ISI also detains, kidnapps and kills those
terrorists, who quit the terrorism and do not obey the instructions of ISI, but
propagates, that it is committed to eliminate terrorisim, with the
clear intention to make fool, those (including Americans and Europeans) who
do believe Musharaf words and ignore his practice. The recent terrorist
act of ISI with the famous Kashmiri national leader, Sardar Arif Shahid
in Islamabad Rawalpindi of Pakistan, whos only fault was a speach for
peace in front of the ISI forward block, who do as pioneer for the
terrorist network within as well as outside of Pakistan.

Forwarded By
Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Head Off:
Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan
(Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
WEBSITE (Urdu & English)


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