February 22, 2007

Rahul Gandhi rape allegation : Ratan Singh missing , HinduUnity to air his video clip

As a sequel to the report we published "Elder who helped alleged rape victim of Rahul Gandhi was beaten in Amethi" , now we've learned that the elder name is Mr.Ratan Singh . When we contacted some sources , including HinduUnity.org , they told us that he is missing since last week and his son is on run . The website hosted 5 video interviews and it is said that 2 more clips are intentionally not released . Now sources say , the website is releasing Video interview of Ratan Singh , the man who helped Ms.Sukanya, alleged rape victim . “Unlike other video clips ,Ratan Singh’s clip shows with face uncovered , he is one of the two persons who came forward and spoke without covering their face and narrated the incident” , told the source when questioned about the uniqueness and importance of this video clip .

If Mr.Ratan Singh is allegedly kidnapped by congress goons as per the sources then one should believe that an extensive cover up is going on . However IntellBriefs believe that it is time for an open investigation into these allegations and set the record right in the interest of Mr.Rahu Gandhi’s political future . One online petition which calling for the same , many individuals who signed the petition expressed favourably for an investigation . A comment says “Until and unless the authenticity of this is checked, no one has the right to call anyone a culprit. The need is to look it from both's point of view. If the rumors are really true the girl definitely requires protection and justice no matter if the person belongs to an influential family. And if the rumors are false even then the probe is required to give clean chit to Mr. Rahul.Since Rahul have all the sources I stand with Sukanya “ (Hitanshu Punj, comment 595 )

Let’s wait till HinduUnity.org airs the video of Mr.Ratan Singh and see what is so “unique” about this video clip.

Disclaimer : We have no intention to defame anyone, please feel free to air your opinion .

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Anonymous said...

There must be no delay in a free and fair investigation

Tavleen Singh