March 02, 2007

Andhra Pradesh : Not Reddy Raj but Christian Conspiracy

Dr T Hanuman Chowdary
March 2, 2007

At the launch of Akhilandra Kamma Samakhya in Hyderabad on 25 December 2006 a number of speakers especially the politically- minded, characterized the present government of Andhra Pradesh as Reddy –Raj. This is unfortunate and apparently untrue. The truth is otherwise.
Sri B.Gopala Reddy, N.Sanjeeva Reddy, K.Brahmananda Reddy, Dr N. Chenna Reddy, Sri N Janardhan Reddy, T.Anjaiah Reddy and Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy - seven of these Chief Ministers belonged to Reddy caste. During their tenure as Chief Ministers, Kammas had received due representation in the Cabinets as well as in all important government & semi-government offices.

The present Chief Minister is only a nominal Reddy. His father converted to Christianity and Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy is a practising Christian who very demonstratively celebrated his birthday by a pilgrimage to Bethlehem in Palestine/ Rome, the seat of the Pope. No Congress Chief Minister has lasted so long as Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy since the exit of Brahmananda Reddy in the 1960s. This is entirely due to the total support he receives from the Italian –born, Roman Catholic leader of the Congress Party. Every Congress Chief Minister since the 1960 had been felled, down within an year or two by people within the Congress. But Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy continues only because he is a Christian blessed by Dr. Sonia Maino Gandhi.

Many Christians including Bishops and Pastors are official and unofficial Advisors and conspicuously present in his office and elsewhere. Crypto -Christians that is, SC persons who had converted to Christianity but in the government records are SCs are appointed as Advisors after retirement. Crypto Christians are also the chair -persons of State organs like the SC Finance Corporation. Most sensitive police and IAS posts are also filled up by Christians with a few crumbs thrown to Muslims.

These minorities, that is, Christians & Muslims, the former with the power of the state are in a conspiracy to divide Hindus by caste – 254 of them in Andhra Pradesh and over 6000 in the whole of India. In Andhra Pradesh, the powerful castes because of their land holding, their education and their business are Kammas and Reddys with the Velamas ( Raos) and Kapus following. If these influential castes can be set against one and another and inter-caste strife and jealousy and even street fights could be instigated and encouraged and inflamed then the attention of the Hindu society will be diverted from the large scale conversion of Hindus, diversion of TTD and government funds for construction and repair of churches ( and mosques), subsidy to Christian pilgrimage to Bethlehem, reservations for Dalit Christians etc.

The Hindu caste will be busy with mutual battles and Christian missionaries can tell the ignorant and the indigent that then upper caste Hindus are not caring for the poor but are engaged in battles to garner more of the wealth of the state whether it be land or businesses.

It is therefore not Reddy-raj that we see in Andhra Pradesh. It is the machination of the evangelizing and converting Christian organizations acting through the Christian Chief Minister that are largely responsible for the war of the Christian - led government (with a christianize Director General of Police and many important posts in the police and the IAS) on Kammas. Their businesses like those in the media, real estate, cinema, educational institutions etc., are to be harassed and ruined. Hindus especially Kammas must not be misled into believing that a Reddy government that is ruling the state. It is the unseen hand of the Christian minority interested in promoting conversions and destroying the Hindu-samaj that is waging the war on Kammas. Kammas will do well to understand this and not hurl themselves against Reddys and others. Their ultimate welfare and prosperity lie in their fraternity with all Hindus especially that of Reddys, Raos and Kapus. They must also carry the less fortunate especially the traditionally discriminated, with them. Their community should be for education for all, better education, excellence in education and entrepreneurship. No community has ever been uplifted by government action. They come up by their own vision. Nadars and Ggounders in Tamilnadu and Pais in Karnataka are examples. Those who attain prosperity through government are only invader rulers and their indigenous collaborators. When once the invader government is gone, their backwardness in regard to intellectual pursuits business attainment, self -help and entrepreneurship become evident. Muslims in India are an example of a community with enjoyed prosperity only by brute force . When majority rule came, the minority’s backwardness, socially, intellectually and economically becomes evident.

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