March 03, 2007

CA textbooks lawsuit: Update and Appeal

CAPEEM's lawsuit against the officials of the State Board of Education has now moved into the Discovery phase. Prior to this, the Counsel for the officials of the State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) responded to CAPEEM's complaint and denied CAPEEM's claims. The attorney for the officials of the SBE and CDE has been replaced. The defendants are now represented by the Office of the Attorney General of California. The change of attorney and the response to the complaint followed the court's denial of the Defendant's motion to dismiss CAPEEM's lawsuit.

During Discovery, CAPEEM will request documents from the SBE and CDE, and subpoena various interested parties so that CAPEEM can obtain documents and information necessary to strengthen its case. Discovery is a process that consumes time and resources. The SBE and CDE, and third parties such as Michael Witzel and James Heitzman, have already objected to CAPEEM's subpoena, and CAPEEM will likely seek judicial resolution of these objections. CAPEEM expects its expenses to shoot up considerably during the discovery phase. During the process so far, CAPEEM has come across many facts critical to the case. CAPEEM is confident that the lawsuit will result in a positive portrayal of Hinduism and ancient Indic civilization in American schools and will highlight the deficient process employed by the SBE and CDE in the most recent textbook adoption process.

The lawsuit has reached this stage after victories in the earlier rounds due to the largesse of supporters like you. CAPEEM seeks your continued support and urges you to make a generous contribution in order to sustain the lawsuit through the subsequent phases .

To Donate:

1. Write a check to CAPEEM and mail to: PO Box 280442 Northridge , CA 91328

2. Donate online to CAPEEM: Click here to donate online

or visit and click on donate.

3. Write a check to HICAD and mail to: CAPEEM, PO Box 280442 Northridge , CA 91328
Please note that HICAD (Hindu International Council Against Defamation
is also raising funds for this lawsuit. HICAD is a tax-exempt (Tax-ID 22-3810334) non-profit organization.

California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials is a California based organization that has filed a lawsuit to achieve the fair representation of various religions in the History and Social Science textbooks of California. CAPEEM's application for 501(c)(3) status is in process.

Murali Menon
Director, California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials,
(310) 804-5126

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