April 17, 2007

Allied Defense Group Provides Citywide Surveillance Solutions Internationally

The Allied Defense Group Provides Citywide Surveillance Solutions Internationally

VIENNA, Va., April 17 The Allied Defense
Group, Inc. (Amex: ADG), announces it is now providing citywide surveillance solutions on an international basis.
The Company has been providing citywide surveillance in the United States for some time through its California-based subsidiary, NS Microwave. Recently, the Company added a new international city to its citywide
surveillance portfolio through its Belgian based subsidiary, The VSK Group.

Baltimore, Maryland: NS Microwave (NSM) long ago established itself with law enforcement departments and agencies as a leader in the surveillance field. In 2002, the Company closed on a contract to install a
major citywide system in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. This multimillion dollar system covered the spectrum of integrated surveillance system capabilities by emplacing a myriad of overt and covert video sensors on
both fixed and mobile aerial and ground platforms. Pulling it together is video management software that is literally limitless in its ability to integrate any sensor in the marketplace. Since that time NSM has modernized
the Baltimore system with the latest upgraded video management software and integrated radar and object detection capability into the system.

Namur, Belgium: The VSK Group recently implemented a citywide surveillance system consisting of 60 cameras installed throughout the city of Namur, Belgium. The first cameras installed were intended for traffic
control of the main arteries of the city, but local law enforcement realized quickly that this system could also be very helpful for monitoring large events, public demonstrations, and festivities. Vigitec, a member of
The VSK Group, provided a total solution for the required city surveillance merging IT technology and video surveillance (ITeo), offering the ideal solution for transmission and video management. The flexibility of the ITeo solution over IP offers two essential advantages; the flexibility to move the ITeo units to a new location, with a minimum of interruption to operations, and the ability to view the video images in any crisis center
of the city.

Major General (Ret) John J. Marcello, The Allied Defense Group's Chief Executive Officer and President, said, "With the development of a range of new digital IP products, and a strategy designed to attack smaller cities
throughout the country, NS Microwave's footprint in citywide systems has been growing throughout the country. While we continue to stretch our reach in the U.S. marketplace, we are simultaneously tackling international
markets, as demonstrated by the citywide system installed by The VSK Group in Namur. Our knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of integrated surveillance systems is making us a growing force in the industry."

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