April 20, 2007

Missing Baloch activists


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Missing Baloch activists

Sir: I recently learnt through an English daily that activists of the Baloch Students Organisation held a demonstration at the end of their three-day token hunger strike against the military operation, arrests of political workers and students and police raids on the houses of Baloch youth. They stated that international intervention would be required to curb the security forces’ tyranny against the Baloch people. They demanded the release of all political activists, including BNP-Mengal chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Chairman of the Baloch National Movement Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. They protested against the killing of hundreds of Baloch, women, men and children in the military operations in Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Kahan and other areas of the province. They also mentioned that thousands of youth had either gone missing or were arrested, during these operations.

The protesting Baloch youth vehemently expressed the fact that the current government is desperately failing to make sincere efforts in Balochistan. Under these circumstances, efforts for economic advancement through the Gwadar port city, hence the predicted advancement of Balochistan will only reach a few pockets.

Shouldn’t human life and dignity take precedence over material progress? Any effort towards the progress of Balochistan will not be successful without recovering the missing Baloch leaders, activists and youth.

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