April 15, 2007

"Our family split pakistan" -- Rahul Gandhi

"Rahul Gandhi is your future. He is sweating it out for you." PRIME MINISTER MR.MANMOHAN SINGH

"You know that when any member of my family had decided to do anything, he does it. Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India to the 21st century," ...........Rahul Gandhi  Election rally in Badaun


“What Rahul Gandhi is saying is an exhibit of a monarchic mindset. He only thinks of family and thinks history has been written by Gandhis. In fact, he includes Mahatma Gandhi too in this. If they (Congress) take credit for Pakistan division then they should also take the blame of partitioning India. They don’t see country beyond family and are so involved in the game that all their office bearers become unimportant. Does that means Lal Bahadur Shastri and Narasimha Rao were nobodies? Talking about party is okay as it represents a hierarchy. Here’s the talk is all about family,”  BJP leader Prakash Javadekar.

 “India interfered in Pakistan’s affairs and tried to destabilise it. This is a clear admission of it. This is not new. Everyone knows what happened in 1971. No one should entertain such thoughts in the present day world, as it could end up being risky and dangerous,” .
Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has told GEO TV this proves allegations

"We would like to remind this young man that it was during the rule of the same family that agreements were signed with Pakistan to give back everything that our forces had won in that conflict" V K Malhotra , BJP Leader

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