April 21, 2007

Rahul Gandhi is Political Novice indeed

'No one should write off anyone in politics. My brother will prove him (Mulayam) wrong with time and days to come,' Priyanka Vadra said referring to a statement made by UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav that Rahul is a political novice.

Well winning and loosing is part and parcel of politics , however the issue here is Rahul's political novice indeed . Open records are proof of that , Rahul gandhi has no opinion on any of the burning issues , he hardly debated on any topic in the parliament. It is said that he spoke 2 times in 30 months in the parliament .

On Rahul's controversial statements, including the one on the division of Pakistan, Priyanka said, ''he knows history very well.''Again this is a clever tact of deviating public attention . Knowing History and public speaking are two different things , this "western educated" , "scion of Nehru dynasty" should learn how to speak in public . I guess his tutors need to pay special attention on his public speaking . Public never forget his other interviews where he bosted that he could have become Prime Minister at the age of 26.

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