April 22, 2007

US recruiting 100 intelligence personell for Iraq and Afghanistan

Nagesh Bhushan

US army is recruiting 100 seasoned NCOs to join the ranks of our Human Intelligence (HUMINT) force , according to Human Intelligence NCO Special Recruiting Program . This is open to Soldiers of any military occupational specialty . The goal is " to quickly infuse 100 experienced NCOs and adaptive leaders with HUMINT collection and interrogation training into Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom deployed or deploying units" .

"NCOs accepted into the Special Program will receive the following training: MOS 97E10 Course, A2X Course, and EAIT or Source Operations Course. All program participants will be trained in Skill Level 10, 20, 30, and 40 HUMINT tasks. Foreign Language Training is NOT Required. "

"Training is 24 weeks and four days or 27 weeks and four days, depending on the follow on assignment."

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