May 23, 2007

Accepting Realities in Iraq

Author(s): Gareth Stansfield
Publisher(s): Chatham House, London, UK
Date of publication: May 2007
Format: PDF
Pages: 12
Series: Chatham House Briefing Papers

Description: This paper discusses the political, economic and security situation in Iraq. The author argues that Iraq has fractured into regional power bases which are being controlled by local sectarian, ethnic or tribal political groups and that social cohesion in the country is breaking down. He also argues that Iraq's three major neighboring states - Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey - have reasons for seeing the instability in Iraq continue and are influencing the developments. The paper concludes that those realities must be accepted in order for new strategies to prevent the failure and collapse of Iraq to succeed.

General note: © 2007 Royal Institute of International Affairs


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