May 25, 2007

Agnivesh a clone of Dera Chief?

By Pemendra agrawal

Is Agnivesh himself terrorist with saffron turbon? Is he a clone Dera of Chief Gurmeert Ram Rahim Singh? Spokes person of Dera, Dr.Aditya says that they have no religion. Then why Dera chief became the duplicate of Guru Gobind Singh? Does RSS wrong to accuse Dera chief of having links with Maoists? Agnivesh says that he has no religion. Then why he covers his brilliant brainless head by saffron trurbon?

They are atheist communists. Terrorists in saffron - Swami Agnivesh wrote in Indianexpress in Aug 19, 03.

First Congress evokes Dera Sacha Sauda to hurt the sentiments of Sikhs as they evoke Bhindrawala at the time of Indira Gandhi. Dera Chief did a copy of Guru Gobind Singh to throw the hurdles before the SAD (B) and BJP alliance government as in the past Zail Singh did. Now Sonia Gandhi is in the role of Indira and Manmohan Singh in the role of Zail Singh. Sonia Gandhi deputed a team in the leadership of fake secular atheist Agnivesh and a Christian preast to the disputed fractions. After adding fuel she wants to throw water cannons now by trying to get Mafinama of Dera Chief through Agnivesh. This is a dangerous game to play with fire. Dera tries to bargain with the Central and Pb State Governments for withdrawing the cases against the chief of Dera. Dera Chief bargained this in the previous assembly election also with the Congress by supporting it.

There is a theory in Economics. If a country faces unemployment problem, then instruct the pulic for digging the pits and filling them. Hands should not be empty. Give them job.

Sonia behind Punjab violence: SGPC

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) president Avtar Singh Makkar said the sect head had refused to tender an apology which only strengthened the belief of Sikhs that Congress president Sonia Gandhi was allegedly conniving against the community with the help of Haryana's Congress government to remind the black days of the past militancy in the Punjab. The executive committee warned the Congress against trying to politicise this religious issue. The SGPC president said executive members had also appealed to heads of other religions to side with Akal Takht on the issue. SGPC directly attacked Sonia Gandhi to say that she interferes the religious matter of Sikhs to disturb the peace and harmony in Punjab. Resolution on this regard is also passed by the SGPC. Resolution said that violence of May 14 in Bathinda between Dera supporters and Sikh sangats was due to the conspiracy of Congress.

Fuel to Dera Controvercy from Lahore, Joint Mechanism

TOI reports:Pakistan has rushed to fish in troubled Punjab waters in the wake of the Sikh-Dera Sacha Sauda feud, with Babbar Khalsa International chief Wadhawan Singh Babbar, operating from Lahore under ISI patronage, seeking to stoke violence in the state. Government sources in Punjab and here disclosed that Wadhawan, who is on India's 'Most Wanted' list, has been in touch with radical elements in the Sikh community at a time when the Dera fire has been raging. They also said that Wadhawan had worked on the radical Sikh priest whose Gurudwara near Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda was the catalyst for setting off the clash with the Dera over advertisements featuring its chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, attired as Guru Gobind Singh.

Agnivesh led team represents Sonia?

Pointing towards the mass support that their proposed march had get support, Swami Agnivesh informed that the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, had written a letter urging them and all others wielding religious authority ''to unite people in reinforcing foundational values of compassion, tolerance, secularism and democracy''.

Ms. Gandhi has said that "an all out effort needs to be made to restore normalcy in Gujarat to make the displaced and traumatised people feel secure and valued. The larger task is to substitute the politics of cruelty with the politics of compassion. This is a task in which all those who are spiritually sensitive have a role to play.''

Why first Sikh PM and his 'Yes madam' Sonia play the dirty game behind the door? Truth has been known by the SGPC because Sikhs are the victims of 1984 riots. They know th villain of Indira's emergency Sonia's loyalist biographer of Teresa Navin Chwla who is made Election Comminoner to conduct the 2009 election as a Chief Election Commissioner for the victory of Congress by hook or by crook.

Rajiv National and Sadbhavna award Award to Agnivesh

On Aug 20, 2004 Agnivesh and Madari Moideen have been honored with the 12th Rajiv Gandhi National Award of Rs 1.25 lakh each. The recipients of "Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award", Madari Moideen and Swami Agnivesh being congratulated by the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in New Delhi on August 20, 2004 Teesat also got this award for her Anti-Indianess acts.

Is Saffroniation of Agnivesh means sanyas?

"We welcome the decision taken by the United Progressive Alliance government to re-examine the changes made by the previous government in the NCERT textbooks, but we would like to avoid calling it desaffronisation," Agnivesh said. Saffron colour is symbolic of sanyas (ascetisicm) and is also an integral part of our Indian identity, being one of the colours of our national flag," Agnivesh told.

Is his sanyas means to get pleasure to read in the NCERT IGNOU books:

Students are being taught by Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that Lord Shiva was bhogvilasi and he used to sexually assault the wives of other Gods. The book claims that Goddess Durga used to drink wine. There are also various other derogatory remarks against our God, national heroes and saints in the books.

What type of Sanyasi is he?

He was going to contest against Atalji from Lucknow in 2004. Following is a piece of that time interview:

Have you finally decided to fight against Vajpayee in Lucknow?

Yes. I have made a firm decision.

But your chances of victory are very low.

I will defeat him. Lucknow has a sizeable Muslim population. Moreover, in the 1999 election, Atal's earlier margin of victory in 1996 was considerably lowered by the then Congress candidate Karan Singh.

But since you are a Sanyasi, Muslims might consider you a rabid Hindu...

This is nonsense. My secular credentials are well known. Since I am a Sanyasi, I have no religious identification.

Father Frederick and Agnivesh

In peace process drama as hyper linked by media, Agnivesh was with a Christian Priest Father Frederick. Fredrick came on May 23 at the studio of Janmat channel for discussion with other two Sikhs. He cunningly asked where is the proof that the dress which Dera Chief wore was the dress of Guru Gobind Singh? The same argument has been given by the Dera side. In reply other Sikhs asked Fredric the proof of Christ photo? How could he prove that that photo was of Christ?

There are so many clones of Ram Rahim Singh

After considering all times of thoughts parents of us including Narshimhan Ram (N ram), Pravin Swamy, Swamy Agnivesh and Teesta gave us name.

Why are we not fulfilling the wishes of our parents? Why is N Ram not Ram and Praveen Swamy not Swamy? Swamy Aginivesh originally of Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) is against the Hinduism. All they go against Hinduism and Hindutva but want to be seen as Hindu to follow Sonia Gandhi to deceive the people.

Union Minister Vayalar Ravi's son plans to take the purification ceremony held at Guruvayoor temple to the court, reports say. The purification ceremony is said to have taken place after the minister's son Ravi Krishna failed to produce a certificate to prove his religion as Hindu. Temle has its own rule due to that priest can accept only offerings of the Hindus.

Why not Minister's son says that he is Hindu? Why does he deceive himself and the people? Why they follow Gandhis. Rajiv Gandhi's drawing room had photo of only one religious head and that was 'Christ'. Why had he allergy with Hindu religious heads?

Non Hindus are secular but Hindu org are communal for agnivesh

Speaking on 'Social spirituality' at a public meeting held in connection with the 12th biennial conference of the Students Christian Movement of India (SCMI) here today, Swami Agnivesh said that the fundamentalism and fascism in the best interests of the country. For him SCMI and Christian Sonia Gandhi & Co. are the seculars.

Agnivesh on Mother Teresa as Navin Chwla:
"Not long ago, Mother Teresa was vilified as a non-Indian, a
foreigner. Responding to this calculated calumny, the Mother, in a
spirit of enlightened benevolence, offered a distinction that is
relevant to the present instance. ''I am not an Indian by chance,''
she said, ''but an Indian by choice.''

Pt Nehru said that he was born accidently as a Hindu. It means otherwise he was aagainst Hinduism and Hindutva.

These are the examples of 'ulta pultas' who ruin our culture and the unity of our country.

Agnivesh on Christianity and conversion
"The world over, the profound message of social justice symbolized by
the birth of Jesus Christ is being overtaken by consumerism. And that
is what you're getting to see here as well," said Swami Agnivesh, a fake Hindu coving his brainless head with saffron turbon.

Story of two Heros of Chhattisagrh in Delhi

Abhishek Verma accused in War Room Leak is the son of a writer poet, journalist and former Congress Rajya Sabha Member and Hindi tutor of Rajiv Gandhi Srikant Verma and Veena, also an MP. He was also appointed General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee besides spokesperson. Originaly he was the resident of Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh. He was the adopted son of Kabirpathi late Mini Mata.

Another hero of Bilapur is Agnivesh as he called himself Swami Agnivesh.


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good article keep it up.

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Amit Arya said...

Thanks for this great article. This Agnivesh is a fake and unfortunately has taken advantage of his ocre robes. He pretends to be an Arya Samaji and then goes to Islamic assemblies and declares the the Koran is the word of God (pooh ! pooh!).
Not even the most idiotic Arya Samaji would even dare to make such a blasphemous statement.
People like Agnivesh need to be exposed for what they really are, which is a bunch of crypto Christians pretending to be Vedic.