May 17, 2007

Balochis demand for deployment of Peace Keeping Forces

Balochistan Watch

Norway based Balochs called for deployment of Peace Keeping Forces in Balochistan
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Oslo, May 14, 2007 – Norway based a Baloch political organisation urged the United Nations Oganisation to deploy Peace Keeping International Forces in Balochistan.

Greater Balochistan National Congress (GBNC), the alliance of Balochs groups in a letter to Mr. Ban Ke-Moon, the United Nations’ secretary General claimed that Pakistani army has launched a military operation in Balochistan in the beginning of 2004 which has resulted more then 10 000 baloch death and several hundred thousands displaced baloch. They are refugees in their own country. Pakistan has denied NGOs entering Balochistan and giving aid to these displaced balochs. Several thousands baloch has been abducted by Pakistani intelligence forces. Many prominent baloch leaders are being hold behind the bars. Many of them have been serving Balochistan.

The letter further accused that Pakistan has been misguiding the international society by telling them that they are fighting Taliban and other terrorist’s groups. In realty they are killing innocent balochs. Their aim is to robe Balochistan for its natural resources. Pakistan since its establishment has launches 5 wars. Today the Pakistan army and its air force are killing balochs on daily basis.

The letter also blamed Pakistan for terrorism, ‘’Pakistan is directly responsible on developing Taliban and helping them to power in Afghanistan. Afghan president has many times said and proved that Pakistan is helping Taliban, Al Qaeda and harboring them. Pakistani government committed major crimes against humanity and baloch nation, they killed an old Baloch national leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. His crimes were that he was refusing Pakistan to rob Balochistan for its natural resources.

GBNC urged the United Nations secretary general to stop the war in Balochistan and to send international peacekeeping forces to the area

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