May 21, 2007

Balochistan gets 6pc quota of CSS seats

Daily Times, Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan has been allocated 6 percent seats in the central superior services under the revised quota announced by the government earlier this year.

Following the decision of the federal government, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has given 13 seats to Balochistan after its quota was increased from 3.5 to 6 percent to give better representation to the province in the central superior services.

Earlier, the FPSC on Monday announced the allocation scheme for the successful candidates of the 2006 competitive examination. According to the new criteria, 7.5 percent, 15 seats, will be filled on general merit under the new quota as compared to 10 percent of seats previously. Two-and-a-half percent of the general merit quota has been adjusted to increase Balochistan’s quota.

Punjab has been given 100 seats under the 50 percent quota reserved for the province. The province traditionally gets maximum seats in the federal services under the formula sanctioned by the Constitution, which has set the quotas as per the population of each federating unit. Rural Sindh has been allocated 30 seats, Urban Sindh 123, Balochistan 13, Northern Areas and FATA and AJK 8 seats each. Allocations against the 10 percent reserved quota for female candidates would be made from the left over vacancies against the shares of their provinces and regions. In case qualified female candidates are not available, the unfilled vacancies would be carried forward.

The distribution of the vacancies has been made keeping in view the plus and minus fraction of last year’s examination and carried over vacancies have been added in the respective groups of the concerned provinces and regions.

The FPSC has also announced group-wise distribution of the vacancies and according to this, the District Management Group has been given 35 seats, Police Service of Pakistan 15 seats and Foreign Service of Pakistan 12 seats.

The FPSC allocates candidates to particular occupational groups according to their suitability as determined by the commission, the merit position, preference of the candidates and the quota of provinces/regions as set out in the rules for the examination. Earlier, sources told Daily Times that the reforms currently being instituted by the National Commission on Government Reforms would reduce the number of groups, therefore reducing the number of seats, as well as change the examination setup. staff report

Benazir deplores arrest of BNP-M leaders

http://www.thenews. print1.asp?id=57108
By our correspondent
ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and chairperson of the Pakistan People's Party Benazir Bhutto deplored on Monday the denial of fundamental rights to the Balochistan National Party-Mengal.

Four leaders of the BNP-Mengal, including party's Secretary-General Habib Jalib Baloch, were arrested at the end of a protest rally outside the press club on Sunday. In a statement, she said that the denial of such rights is alienating the people of Balochistan and can have far reaching consequences on the future unity and integrity of the country. The right to peaceful protest was a fundamental human right, she said, unfortunately the present regime has relied on administrative measures rather than on political solutions.

She said that political problems needed political solutions as the high rate of unemployment, lack of energy leading to power shutdowns, increasing poverty and inflation were all results of the absence of a political system capable of responding politically to the needs of the people and the provinces, she said.

She said the PPP hoped that the MMA parties, who are in the Balochistan government, would register a strong protest against the dictatorial tactics of the Balochistan government of which they are a part.

She called for the release of Habib Jalib, Malik Wali Kakar, Hasan Baloch and Abdur Razak Lango, who were taken into police custody. She also called for the release of the pro-judicial, pro-democracy activists, who have been held over the past several weeks for participating in rallies to show solidarity with the chief justice of Pakistan. She also called for the release of Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi.

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