May 23, 2007

Balochistan Liberation Army rejects Musharraf’s offer of amnesty

Balochistan Watch

Source: Daily Times Pakistan

Staff Report

QUETTA: Banned Baloch guerrilla organisation, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), on Tuesday rejected President Pervez Musharraf’s offer of amnesty, saying surrender before the state was not acceptable at any cost.

In two separate exclusive interviews with Daily Times here, BLA spokesmen said they were offended by the way President Musharraf had been making fun of Baloch people asking them to surrender their weapons. If the president does not stop underestimating Baloch fighters and spreading disinformation about their cause, he will be killed or “pushed back to India,” said Biburg Baloch, a BLA spokesman.

Speaking to Daily Times via satellite phone, he said the government’s offer for amnesty provided the Baloch surrender before the state was not acceptable at any cost. He said they were fighting for complete self-rule. He said the BLA had been annoyed by the president’s public mockery of their struggle when he said the BLA were gradually giving up arms and joining official ranks.

“We warn Musharraf to stop underestimating us. Every Baloch is a part of the BLA and our struggle has greatly expanded across the province.” The spokesman said the BLA accepted responsibility for killing a Punjabi settler in Khuzdar district after they discovered he was a government agent. He alleged that the government had targeted Baloch doctors in the district as revenge.

Baloch rejected the impression that external forces, particularly India or Afghanistan, supported the BLA. “If we had external support, we would not be in such deplorable condition today. The government is using brute force against our people. We are resisting the state but if we had assistance, General Musharraf would not dare to step on Baloch land,” he said.

He also rejected the notion that the government had eliminated Baloch fugitive camps, adding that the number of camps was increasing in several parts of the province. “The state’s injustices towards the Baloch is compelling the middle class to join our ranks,” he said. The Baloch have become aware of their rights more than ever and will not remain silent over the ‘Punjabi exploitation’, he added.

Another spokesman for Baloch fighters, Wadera Alam Khan said that though his organisation had no links to the BLA, all Baloch militant organisations shared a common goal: to provide Balochistan its just rights and resist the use of state force against innocent and unarmed Baloch people. Various organisations the BLA, Balochistan Liberation Front, Nonial Tigers and Baloch Chappamar Tanzeem are fighting for a common goal. Thus, they give moral support to each other, he said. These organisations are gaining the popularity and acceptance of the disaffected Baloch youths.

“We will not negotiate with the government. The Pakistani military should disarm before it asks us to do so. Claims that only a few camps are remaining are baseless. We fired six rockets in Dera Bugti when Musharraf was visiting. Where is the writ of the government Musharraf is harping about?” Khan questioned. default.asp? page=2007%5 C05%5C2 3%5Cstory_23-5-2007_pg7_22