May 21, 2007

i2 AND ANPR – Driving Intelligence

Published: May 2007 i2 is unlocking the full potential of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data gathered by cameras across the country.

ANPR data led to more than 20,000 vehicle seizures and 18,000 arrests in 2006 and has firmly established itself as a valuable tool to the UK’s police forces. However, the significance of the gathered information could be far greater.

Data collected by both fixed and mobile cameras is an incredibly rich source of information that can be drawn on in a variety of reactive post-incident investigations and pro-active intelligence-led operations, including counter-terrorism and cross-border crime.

Using i2 Analyst’s Workstation, police forces can create a clearer picture of criminal lifestyles, identifying patterns of movement and geographical areas of interest.

When analysed in conjunction with further data gathered through a variety of sources, such as crime recording systems, Command and Control and intelligence databases, the ability to prevent, disrupt and detect criminal activity is far greater.

Comprising of three elements – i2 iBase, i2 Data Miner and the award-winning i2 Analyst’s Notebook - Analyst’s Workstation’s data modelling flexibility lends itself to the diverse needs of individual forces and provides intelligence analysts and police officers with the most appropriate tools to drive road policing targets.

Using the iBase database, large volumes of data from disparate databases can be combined to provide a data-rich source of information to analyse. This data can then be utilised in a number of ways.

By analysing the data in Data Miner, patterns and trends can be easily identified. Using a GIS interface, the coordinates of these can be plotted to any relevant map and used to locate areas of activity. This information can then be used to link offences to vehicles frequenting the area around the time of the incidents.

Mark Williams, regional product marketing manager, said: “ANPR data can hold a great deal of information about the ways in which criminals operate – from which roads they use, the routes they take and the proximity to the offences they commit.

“The other component of Analyst’s Workstation, Analyst’s Notebook, then allows the further analysis of the information found - to establish links and associations to people and places, that would otherwise have remained hidden, as well as to plot events in a chronological order, using the timeline analysis feature.”

Committed to developing new technology and adapting the existing suite of tools, i2 is keen to emphasise the importance of ANPR data – not just to road policing officers.

Mark added: “Experience has shown us that it is not only the analysts who work with the data who need to know it’s capabilities – those who task the analysts need to know to in order to get the best from their intelligence analysis.

“ANPR data can be of value in many areas outside road policing and i2 is committed to helping the police service maximise the potential of such a cost effective way of gathering intelligence.”

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