May 22, 2007

Location Intelligence : GlobalMind to Provide to Small and Medium Size Business

GlobalMind to Provide Location Intelligence (GIS) to Small and Medium Size Business
May 22, 2007
Company: Global Mind
Industry: Business GIS
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States of America

Palm Beach Gardens, FL--GlobalMind, a new venture by NMI, will provide location intelligence to small and medium size businesses.

In today's global and virtual economy, location is critically important to the operational success of 99% of all businesses. Location intelligence analyzes geographic relationships between businesses and their customers, suppliers and partners to improve decision making.

Large businesses are already using location intelligence, but the costs of the software and hardware has kept most small and medium size businesses from taking advantage of the technology. GlobalMind is removing the cost barriers for small and medium size companies by delivering the location intelligence tools over the web.

The goal of this new venture is to apply business experience and a passion for geography to help others succeed. To find out more about GlobalMind and how GIS can support small and medium business, subscribe to our blog at

Any questions about this technology should be directed to Steve Gordon, 888-346-1005 or at

About GlobalMind
GlobalMind creates applications that help small business leverage the power of geography. Its clients include small and medium businesses in a variety of industries. GlobalMind operates from offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Tallahassee and Vero Beach, Florida. For more information visit

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Phone: 888-346-1005

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