May 10, 2007

Mossad Man speaks on US foreign Policy : Ephraim Halevy

Ephraim Halevy (Hebrew: אפרים הלוי) (born: 1934) is an Israeli lawyer and intelligence expert. He was the ninth director of Mossad and the 2nd head of the Israeli National Security Cou

Below content is extracted from the article "Grand Illusion" by David Samuel , ( The Atlantic Monthly)  , June 2007 .

-- Words of Wisdom,   Ephraim Halevy

I used to deal with Condi when I was head of Mossad and she was National Security Advisor , and I had great respect for her , and admiration , I still do . But I think that in her role as of Secretary of State , things are not going too well . The main problem is that Condi Rice was never an expert on the Middle East . That is not her area of expertise , and therefore , she has to rely on others. And the others in this case is a lawyer who is a Ideologue – Elliot Abrams ; who believes that you can promote a certain ideology anywhere and everywhere around the world if you think it’s the right ideology . And you really don’t have to know very much about the basic facts in the region that you are dealing with , because you have to tailor the region to your ideology . By substituting ideology for local knowledge , the Bush administrations choose fantasy over reality and choise that can only end in disaster .

To believe that you can promote democracy on one hand and on the other hand , having a parallel system of providing guns and equipment to one warlord and to another warlord and combining these two different programs in some way and sort of monitoring them in a way which is totally unrelated to the ground , because the situation on the ground doesn’t matter. Because what you need to do is change the situation on the ground .

I think that this whole idea of democratization was a flawed concept , Democracy in Israel evolved from within , it didn’t came because somebody in Washington waved and wand and said ‘Israel should be democratic’.

Israel today will not do anything , take no initiative whatsoever, unless the US approves it. It was never that way before . Insemination is an act of two , not of three . As a result of what happened in 2004 and 2004 the natural act of insemination between Israel and its neighbours is no longer possible.

As an Intelligence professional , he believes that the only path to understanding the Middleeast , or anywhere else, for that matter , is to look as deeply as one can into the specifics of individual personalities , their hopes, dreams and weaknessess , their bank accounts, the stories of their families , their tribes , the histories of their friends and enemies – the kind of material a novalists might use. By substituting ideology for local knowledge , the Bush administration choose fantasy over reality and choise that can only end in disaster .

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