May 31, 2007

Netcentric Warfare 2007 conference in Prague ,Czech Republic

Netcentric Warfare 2007 conference will be heald in Prague ,Czech Republic, 5th & 6th June . This years NCW conference theme will be "Balancing Today’s International C4 ISTAR Network ,Requirements With The 2020 Capability Vision" as per details provided by conference organisers .

NCW 2007 will provide

Exclusive keynote briefings from the highest levels of military and ministerial decision makers, addressing the development of existing network programmes and implementation decisions needed for the next five years

Focussed insights from operators and programme managers addressing F-35 JSF, U-2, Global Hawk, Stryker, BOWMAN and LANDWARNET enabling you to realise the potential of the network for your service, and the joint and international domains

Specific examples of operational case studies from theatres including Iraq, Afghanistan, Côte d'Ivoire and Lebanon, near-term procurement initiatives and lessons learned: providing you with a holistic perspective of the contemporary NCW environment

Unbeatable access to defence leaders and contractors at Europe’s leading network and C4ISTAR summit: our open forum examines the practical and realistic options central to the debate for the next step in NCW

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