May 24, 2007

New global risk intelligence service launched for corporate jet operators

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ARINC Direct has integrated a global destination intelligence service into its portfolio of flight services for business jet operators. The new service is provided through iJET Intelligent Risk Systems. “Corporations and individuals today need to be aware of conditions around the world in order to mitigate the risks of international travel,” stated Bob Richard, Senior Director, ARINC Direct.

“The natural time to obtain the latest and best destination intelligence is in the beginning stages of preparing and filing a flight plan.”

Customers using the ARINC Direct flight planning service now have real-time access to iJET’s global intelligence database, where they can retrieve information on current risks and situations in their destination city or country.

“iJET’s Global Intelligence Services are designed for decision-making, providing continuously updated, concise and actionable intelligence to those who require visibility into global threats and disruptions,” said Richard Melody, iJET Vice President of Operations. “We look forward to working with ARINC to provide their customers with information they need to properly prepare for, mitigate and altogether avert threats, and to safely navigate their aircraft around the globe.”

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