May 24, 2007

Russian Air Force the first six operational trainers Yak-130

Irkutsk aircraft builders to supply 6 Yak-130 planes to AF in 2008

24.05.2007, 18.30

IRKUTSK, May 24 (Itar-Tass) - The Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of the Irkut Corporation in 2008 will supply to the Russian Air Force the first six operational trainers Yak-130, Irkut President Oleg Demchenko told journalists on Thursday. The two-seat Yak-130 was designed by the OKB Yakovlev design bureau and is meant for the initial and advanced training of pilots. The plane’s aerodynamic configuration and parameters of its engine unit and systems make it possible to perform flight practically in all regimes characteristic of modern and perspective domestic and foreign warplanes, including Su-30, MiG-29, F-16.

In addition, the Yak can be used to practice the regimes of operational use of weapons of the air-to-air and air-to-surface type. The planes are capable of carrying of up to three tonnes of bombs and rockets on nine external load carrier points.

According to Demchenko, this operational trainer won in a tender of the Russian Air Force, which concluded a contract for the supply to it of 12 aircraft. In addition, 16 Yak-130 planes will be built for Algeria.

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant is known for the production of the Su-30 fighter jet of various modifications. It has also developed serial production of the Be-200 civilian amphibious planes. On the whole, the Irkut Corporation possesses a modern scientific-technical base corresponding to international standards, as well as highly qualified personnel numbering over 12,000 specialists. The portfolio of the corporation’s orders exceeds five billion US dollars.

Russia does not mind refusing from a billion dollars contract
Front page / Russia
05/24/2007 18:23 Source: Pravda.Ru

It seems that Russia will not reverse the plans of establishing the manufacturing of the Il-76 military transport planes in Ulyanovsk in any conditions. According to the general director of the Ilyushin aviation complex Victor Livanov the first Ulyanovsk made Il-76 will come up in 2010. It will be the plane for a specific customer. Theoretically it is possible to assume that this customer is Chinese Air Force. For long Russia has been considering the removal of the manufacturing of Il-76 from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to Ulyanovsk. But officially the plans were announced after signing a billion contracts with China on delivering 34 transport and 4 tanker planes of this model. However, now this contract has been suspended by Russia. It is true that Russia is looking for the way of continuing the project, but its implementation under the terms agreed on in 2005 is no more possible. It will lead to huge losses as since 2005 the cost of materials and works considerably grew. Recently the head of the Federal Agency on Industry of Russia Boris Alyoshin visited Uzbekistan to participate in the session of the Russian-Uzbek intergovernmental commission. As a matter of fact all heavy military-transport planes Il-76 were made during Soviet times exclusively by the Tashkent plant. Russian enterprises did not have the capacities for assembling Il-76 at all.


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The most probable outcome is changing the conditions of the contract, raising it up to 1.5 billion USD. Experts believe that finally Russia will manage to persuade China to accept higher prices, although acknowledge that this will be used by the Chinese in the future contracts. Russia also intends to introduce technical changes as a result of the upgrade and removal from the Tashkent plant. This is supposed to justify the higher price and the delivery commencement in 2010, not in 2007, as it was originally planned.

Meanwhile irrespectively of the Chinese answer Russia is arranging manufacturing of Il-76 in Ulyanovsk. The upgraded aircraft, which will meet all possible technical requirements in the foreseeable future, is needed by the Russian Air Force. Ilyushin estimates the market of Il-76 and its modifications at 150 units before 2015. Half of that accounts for the Russian Air Force. However, Ilyushin admits that it will take longer, probably up to 2025 to satisfy this demand. By 2009 the government will allocate RUB 6.4 billion for establishing serial manufacturing in Ulyanovsk. Victor Livanov called these allocations “all necessary means”. As of today Ulyanovsk based Aviastar plans to make 10 Il-76 of different modifications from 2012.

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