May 19, 2007

Witzel's unethical Wikipedia edits, while working for evangelical groups

In one of the emails produced by Dalit Freedom Network, Witzel notes "(p)lease check what Wikipedia says about your organization… They always put back what I erase." In reaction to the forwarded message, DFN's Executive Director asks whether "(DFN) can… edit this ourselves…I do not want to start being identified as a mission (sic) organization… " …many principals of DFN are unabashed in their antagonism towards Hinduism.

The URL given below shows how Witzel edited his multiple evangelical posts, in the context of the California Textbook issue:

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Special:Contribu tions/65. 78.20.179

This sort of unethical editing is frowned upon by Wiki. In my view, this conduct should also attract ethics/academic standards committees in Highebr Educational institutions like Harvard University and Members of Harvard Corporation. Surely, this is conduct unbecoming of a professor occupying a chair in a prestigious university.

The Subpoena and motion to compel Witzel—a veritable expose of Witzel's anti-hindu tirades, trampling upon Hindu Civil Rights -- is available at the URL: http://capeem. org/docs/ CompelWitzel. pdf


captainjohann said...

Dalit freedom network is headed by a TEXAN WOMAN!!! Most of its members of its executive committe are also from texas. Now in India Dalits are oppressed even now due to centuries old caste system(NOT APPROVED BY GOVERNMENT, LAWS ARE AGAINST UNTOUCHABILITY AND SPECIAL RESERVATIONS EXIST FOR THEIR WELFARE) But the Old women of USA who want to cleanse their sins contribute for saving these souls from (not untouchability) but from HINDUISM! Yes this is what a new category of caste is CREATED IN CHRISTIANITY ITSELF IN THE FORM OF DALIT CHRISTIANS!!!!!)tHIS IS AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST OR PASTORS OR PREISTS.BUt the money from texas has to flow into India and there are charltans who are ready to sell the honour of their country by fighting for the welfare of socalled DALIT CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Witzel also edited (and continues to do so) the Wikpedia article on the California Hindu Textbook Controversy. Talk about writing, and re-writing, history! Most recently he's been editing the textbook article, and his own biography article. But anyone can edit Wikipedia. Create an account, learn the protocols, and begin editing the same articles that Witzel edits. Start here:

Begin editing Hindu and India related articles that you're interested in, and follow Wikipedia's own advice for new editors: "Be Bold!"

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