June 17, 2007

Balochistan Monitor : BNP Mengal will observe ‘black day’

BNP-M to observe ‘black day’ today

By Our Correspondent

QUETTA, June 16: The Balochistan National Party-Mengal will observe a ‘black day’ on Sunday and hold demonstrations on Monday to condemn a police crackdown aimed at ‘implicating the party’ in Thursday night’s killing of seven army soldiers.

The patron-in-chief of BNP-M, Sardar Ataullah Khan Mengal, blaming the government for the incident, said the killing of army personnel was meant to ‘suppress the party’s movement for the rights of the Baloch’.

Sardar Mengal, in an interview to a news agency, said: “We cannot understand how the attackers knew that army personnel, in civilian dress, were travelling in a train. And it’s amazing that they were targeted just 200 yards away from the governor’s and the chief minister’s houses.”

Centre raps Balochistan over security

By Saleem Shahid

QUETTA, June 16: Top security officials of law-enforcement agencies are likely to arrive in Quetta from Islamabad on Sunday to review the law and order situation and also the steps taken by the provincial administration in the aftermath of Thursday’s killing of at least seven soldiers, sources said.

The sources said that President Gen Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had taken a serious note of the Quetta killing and asked the provincial government to take strict measures to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

They said the administration had decided to set up 20 check posts at different points. “The check posts are being established in and around Quetta, including Satellite Town, Jinnah Town, Killi Ismail, Hudda, Sabzal Road to keep an eye on suspects,” a senior police official told Dawn.

The sources said the Anti-Terrorist Force had been ordered to carry out patrolling in sensitive areas round the clock.

Redrafting of constitution will invite differences among provinces: Shujaat

Sunday June 17, 2007 (0915 PST)


ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Muslim League Chaudhry Shujat Hussain warned that redrafting the constitution will lead to disruption and emergence of new differences among the provinces.

He said this while commenting on former Prime Minister Zafar Ullah Jamali statement on the floor of house that there is no harm in redrafting the constitution.

Present constitution clearly defined jurisdiction of all institutions, he said and added there is no need to determine the powers of the army because the army did not take power on its own as our past bear testimony to that fact that politicians offered power to it and the army entered in.

While addressing PML assembly members, senators and office bearers of the party at the Punjab House, he said the present constitution was drafted with unanimous agreement of the provinces and the political parties.

He warned that to reopen this unanimously adopted constitution would open up Pandora box. This is election year and all the political parties are engaged in making preparations, while to draft a new constitution would require a long life, he remarked.

Chaudhry Shujat Hussain said that PML government achieved considerable progress in initiating peoples' welfare oriented programmes. It is for the first time that present government is not only completing its tenure but also has presented welfare oriented federal and provincial budgets, he observed.

It is for the first time new reliefs were announced at Federal, Punjab and Sindh for poor people. Government employees and pensioners were given adequate relief, and in Punjab Rs.500.00 monthly allowance has been announced for handicapped people after comprehensive survey irrespective of political affiliations, which shall be implemented from July 1, 2007, the PML President underlined.

To end backwardness in Baluchistan is one of our priorities, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said and added implementation of Sayed Mushsahid Hussain's committee report not only increased Baluchistan's quota in federal services but also initiated recruitment of Baloch people in the army.

Similarly, he said the constitutional sub-committee headed by Senator Wasim Sajjad has finalized its proposals for maximum provincial autonomy, and a bill to this effect shall be presented in the next session of the National Assembly, the PML President said.

He asked the opposition parties to discard their attitude of negation adding transparent and impartial elections is guarantee to Pakistan's bright future and continuous process of progress is linked with stability of democracy in the country.

Today Pakistan is the first priority for foreign investors; the PML president said adding that this due to mainly the bold leadership of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and solid economic policies pursued by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz that Pakistan is steadily progressing economically.

He pointed out the bonds issued by Pakistan received more than ten time offers, while accepting the required amount the other buyers were to be excused. This, he said indicated steady economic progress and increased foreign investment in the country due to the policies pursued by the present government.

The PML president noted Pakistan achieved important milestone in international trade and international financial and trade organizations acknowledged this fact.

Ex-CIA man accuses Gul of backing Taliban


By Rauf Klasra

LONDON: Former CIA officer Art Keller, who was posted to Pakistan last year, has claimed that former ISI chief Hameed Gul along with other retired army officers secretly supported the Taliban, Guardian reported.

Mr Keller alleged that Hamid Gul and other retired army officers were secretly supporting the Taliban “to the degree that they aren’t arrested or forced to cease and desist, they are tacitly tolerated,” he said.

Gen Gul told the Guardian: “I morally support the movement to end the American occupation of Afghanistan. But there is no physical dimension to it, no hidden agenda.”

The report said Keller’s comments come at a sensitive time in US-Pakistani relations. Since 2001 Washington has given Pakistan $10b (£5b) in exchange for counter-terrorism cooperations. Although hundreds of al-Qaida figures have been arrested, Osama bin Laden remains at liberty and Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have soared.

Soldiers posted to Waziristan, a tribal area that hosts an estimated 2,000 al-Qaida fighters, are “huddling in their bases, doing nothing”, said Art Keller.

“Their approach was to pretend that nothing was wrong because any other approach would reveal that they were unwilling and unable to do anything about Talibanisation,” said Keller, who has visited Waziristan.

The report said the Pakistani military insists it is doing its best.

Keller said behind the scenes the fight was driven by divisions among the officers.

“There are moderates who fear Talibanisation, the professional jihadis who want to embrace the Taliban again, and the middle group who aren’t too fond of the Taliban but resent doing anything under pressure from the US out of sheer bloody-minded stubbornness,” he said. “Because of [that], the Pakistani military remains paralysed.”

War Is Being Imposed On Tribesmen of Bajaur

by Muhammad Khurshid Page 1 of 1 page(s)


Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border has been gripped by fear and terror as usually invisible hands have been trying to create bitterness between tribesmen and US forces, who according to reports, have started work on establishing a base along the border. All of sudden Taliban and terrorist have been allowed by government of Pakistan to carry on their activities.

Taliban commandoes have started patrolling the roads. Identity of Taliban is not yet ascertained. No one in the tribal areas knows who are these Taliban and terrorists. Situation in the areas is very critical. Local newsmen have been stopped from reporting the Taliban activities. Journalists were asked to refrain from reporting Taliban and terrorist activities, a journalist said.

It is pathetic to note here officials have been watching the situation, but taking no action against the Taliban. It is looking like that invisible hands have been trying to impose war on tribesmen of Bajaur Agency. Majority of the tribesmen do not want war and this the reason that they pledged full support to the United States in war on terrorism.

The Voice For Peace, a representative organisation of the people of tribal areas has called for resolving issues through talks. According to it, the people of tribal areas have been working for peace. It suggested that international journalists should visit the areas to ascertain the facts.

There are reports that Taliban and terrorists have been enjoying full support of the officials. It is ironic to note that Pakistan President Musharraf has pledged full support to United States, but there are officials who have been supporting terrorism.

Taliban and terrorist activities have put the lives of millions of people in danger. An unnecessary war is being imposed on the tribesmen and US. The US must take immediate steps and ask the government of Pakistan why Taliban and terrorists have been allowed to carry out their activities. Cooperation of tribesmen and US will be a victory against terrorism.

According to tribesmen, if the situation remains the same then there will be no option with the tribesmen, but to migrate from their areas. The tribesmen are now ready to welcome US forces in their areas. Pakistan should be told in strongest words to show sincerity in war on terrorism.

The End


My name is Muhammad Khurshid, a bonafide resident of Bajaur Agency, situated on Pak-Afghan border. Basically I am a journalist, but nowadays I have been working for peace in Bajaur Agency Tribal Areas. During my three years struggle I have conveyed a message to the people that they should abandon terrorism and work for peace. Now the tribal people have decided to extend a helping hand to the civilised world in war against terrorism, but in return they demand of the world to provide them opportunity of education. Education is the only mean of defeating terrorism.

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