June 02, 2007

China, United States To Have 'Hotline'

By Staff
Jun 2, 2007

China and the United States have agreed to set up a "hotline" to handle security emergencies, it was announced Saturday.

The hotline agreement was disclosed at the Sixth Asia Security Summit by Zhang Qinsheng, a senior Chinese military official.

The three-day meeting, which opened Friday in Singapore, comprised delegations from 26 countries, including China, Russia, the United States, Canada, Germany, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The delegations were to discuss major regional security issues and defense cooperation.

The hotline was announced during a session titled "India and China: Building International Stability," reported the Chinese news agency Xinhua. No other details about the hotline, or what emergencies it might be used for, were given.

In his address, Zhang Qinsheng did touch briefly on what he said was "China's problem" with the "Taiwan issue."

"Some people in Taiwan are still dreaming about secession" from China, he said. "So the Chinese military must be prepared to cope with this kind of threat." (c) UPI

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