June 06, 2007

MDAA: President Putin's Remarks Galvanize Missile Defense Rather Than Divide

WASHINGTON, June 5 /IntelliBriefs/ -- Riki Ellison, President
of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA),
http://missiledefenseadvocacy.org has declared that President Vladimir
Putin is becoming an effective advocate for the missile defense program.
Ellison explained his views on why this is so to a national audience of
MDAA members.

"We will have to get new targets in Europe," is Russian President
Putin's most recent international response to stop the United States,
Poland and the Czech Republic from moving forward to deploy a European
based Missile Defense system made up of 10 defensive missiles.

Ellison explained, "This response comes merely a week after Russia
tested an inter-continental missile, claimed to be invincible to any
anti-missile defense system and adding to a series of escalating threats to
deter the likely U.S. -- European partnership to protect Europe and the
United States from Iranian ballistic missile threats. Russia claims that
the Missile Defense system is meant for Russia and will tilt the balance of
power in Europe. However, his most recent threat to target missiles at
Europe is unfortunately proving that President Putin cares less about the
protection and threat aspect of the issue and more about the partnership
forming between the United States and former Soviet bloc countries."

"If President Putin's uproar was truly about defense targeted at Russia
and the U.S. provoking an arms race, then it remains to be explained why
Russia has yet to express equal criticism over 17 Ground-Based Missile
Defense Interceptors and the two major missile defense radars in Alaska
facing Russia today. Mr. Putin also needs to clearly articulate why Russia
has the right to have 100 nuclear tipped defensive missiles protecting his
population while Europe is not allowed to deploy missile defense which uses
non nuclear kinetic energy."

"The approaching G 8 Summit in Germany must also weigh President
Putin's threat to reprogram European targets -- a targeting process that
takes a few strokes of a keyboard prior to a launch-- has been an idle
threat to Europe for a long time. Putin's predecessor, Leonid Brezhnev,
former General Secretary of the Soviet Union, voiced a similar threat in
the 1970s with no avail. Now, Putin is pulling out an unoriginal power card
to give himself more negotiating pull at the Summit with the Europeans and
with our President."

"President Putin's remarks continue to galvanize rather than divide.
The populations of the Polish and the Czechs would seem now to be much more
receptive of having a missile defense system, along with an additional
security relationship with the United States then they were before his
remarks were made. Our American Congress, our President and our population
will become more receptive to the need and overall support for missile
defense to protect Europe and the United States from Iran and future
threats from the Middle East, due in part of these provocative statements
made by the Russian President."

Ellison ended his commentary by re-stating a quote from yesterday that
was heard around the world: "My message will be Vladimir -- I call him
Vladimir - - you shouldn't fear a missile defense system," Bush said. "As a
matter of fact, why don't you cooperate with us on a missile defense

Riki Ellison is available for on-the-record interviews at 703-299-0061.
Call Mike Terrill at 602-885-1955 to arrange.

SOURCE Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance

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