June 01, 2007

Pakistan is No. 1 Threat to World : Ahmar Mustikhan

Ninth Anniversary of Pakistan’s Islamic Bomb

By Ahmar Mustikhan

WASHINGTON DC: As the world marks the ninth anniversary of the Islamic Bomb, ignorance is bliss for the Western world. The dangers posed to the world by Pakistan's nuclear weapon has been glossed over and the havoc it played in Chagai, in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, has been conveniently forgotten.

The recent beheading of a Baloch at the hands of the Taliba'an on charges that he was a U.S. and NA.T.O informer has added a dangerous dimension to the politics of an already bloodied region.

The questionable genesis of Pakistan and its atrophy into a failed state, with the dubious distinction of being one of the world’s most dangerous nation on the face of earth needs closer look.

Pakistan tested the Islamic Bomb in Chagai on May 28, 1998, with Chinese help in what it called a tit-for-tat for the tests India conducted in Pokhran two weeks earlier that same month.

Balochistan is a Texas-sized territory divided among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. It was there in Chagai, in Pakistani occupied Balochistan, where the world’s first Islamic Bomb was tested exactly nine years ago.

The Indian tests in Pokhran were equally despicable, but a major difference is that Pakistan conducted the tests on occupied lands, against the wishes of the Baloch people.

As a matter of historical record, Balochistan remained an independent nation until its forced annexation on March 27, 1948. Not many know, Balochistan was granted independence few days prior to the British granting independence to India and carving out Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

The recent violence in Pakistan’s commercial capital Karachi that left nearly four dozen killed and scores injured exposed Pakistan’s status as a failed state. From day one, the state of Pakistan has not been a very legitimate organization. Interestingly Pakistan’s present army chief and self-styled president Gen. Pervez Musharraf does not have roots in the country. It’s an open secret in Pakistan society that after 10 p.m. Musharraf can not differentiate between his elbow and leg as by that time he is just too inebriated.

A former New York cabbie Altaf Hussain, founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), is said to have planned the latest violence in Karachi to help keep Musharraf in power. When former test cricketer Imran Khan said he would go to London and file a suit against Tony Blair for granting citizenship to a terrorist, Altaf Hussain, MQM activists targeted Imran Khan’s sex life. Both Musharraf and Hussain are Mohajirs, or offspring of Muslims from India who crossed into Pakistan at the time of the 1947 partition of India. Interestingly, Pakistani intelligence services, which originally had spawned MQM, have for many years maintained dossiers on Hussain, who is now a British citizen, alleging he has received generous financial help from its arch-enemy India as a tit-for-tat against Pakistani terrorism in Kashmir.

Ironically, Hindus and Muslims had lived together for hundreds of years before the British set foot on Indian soil, had continued to live together under their rule but when the British were leaving India they divided it into two countries, saying Hindus and Muslim could not live together. The faulty design of Pakistan was crystal clear from day one: there were initially two wings, West Pakistan and East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, until December 1971. When the Bengalis revolted against Pakistan army injustices, the worst ever massacre of Bengali Muslims was committed in Bangladesh. The rape of Muslim women by Muslim soldiers of Pakistan army in Bangladesh in 1971 is unprecedented in history.

Balochistan has borne the brunt of Pakistan’s questionable existence. The nuclear fallout in Balochistan and the plight of Baloch people has received scant mention in the U.S. and world media. Baloch tribesmen families have been dying of unknown causes since the May 1998 nuclear test, local media reports suggest. There have also been widespread reports of camels and livestock perishing in the Chagai area of Balochistan, but Pakistan army has completely blocked the Chagai nuclear test range from the international media and no conclusive test of the radiation level in Chagai has ever been conducted.

As the time of writing of these lines, Pakistan army is conducting a ruthless army operation in Balochistan, much like what they did in the former East Pakistan. Hundreds of women and children have also been killed in the newest army operation that was launched more than two years ago.

An ominous aspect of the tragedy in Balochistan is the recently released Taliba’an video that showed a 12-year-old Pashtun boy brutally beheading an ethnic Baloch, who was helping U.S. and N.A.T.O. forces inside Afghanistan. The incident is diabolical to the extreme as it involved an ethnic Pashtun Taliba’an punishing an ethnic Baloch for allegedly spying on behalf of the U.S.

Though Baloch people have been victims of Pakistan’s Islamic terrorism unleashed on them for nearly six decades, this was a clear case of Islamic terrorism by a non-state actor. However, the Taliba’an were a creation of Pakistan’s dreaded spy service Inter Services Intelligence and many observers agree such umblical ties are not easily severed.

To many Baloch, Pakistan is today the world’s most dangerous nation as it is the headquarters of Al Qaeda; Pakistan has nuclear weapons and has the world’s seventh largest army; and Pakistan is protecting not only bin Laden and team but also the world’s worst nuclear smuggler Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

As such, Pakistan poses a threat not only to the Baloch people but entire humanity. Unfortunately powers-that-be in North America and Europe out of hypocrisy have closed their eyes to the terror threat emanating from Pakistan.

Hapless people of Balochstan, meanwhile, will have to endure the nuclear contamination of their lands, underground water resources and atmosphere.

(Ahmar Mustikhan now lives in the Greater Washington DC area. He can be reached through email at: ahmar_reporter@yahoo.com)


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