July 06, 2007

Arun Shourie interview with Karan Thapar video on Pratibha Patil episode

3 Investigative articles of Arun Shouri exposing Pratiba Patil

Arun Shourie: Here is how to empower women

Read the first part of a 3-series article.
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Arun Shourie: 'It is all a BJP conspiracy'

Read the second part of a 3-series article.
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Arun Shourie: And don't forget: there is the husband too

Read the concluding part of a 3-series article.
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Memorandum submitted by Smt Rajani Patil to the President of India on 21 Jun '07, complaining that Smt Pratibha Patil is protecting the conspirators of her husband's murder.

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Letter written by Smt Rajani Patil to Smt Sonia Gandhi on 26 Sep '05, complaining that the "brain behind the crime" is pressurising the process of investigation.

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Letter written by Smt Rajani Patil to Smt Sonia Gandhi again on 05 Mar '07, complaining that a 'supari' to murder her husband had been given by Dr Ulhas Patil and Dr G N Patil (brother of Smt Pratibha Patil).

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News item published in The Times of India of 14 Jan 2007: 'A year on, slain Congman's wife awaits justice'.

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Padmakumar G said...

Dear friends,

There is real threat looming over our nation. As you know today, we have Ms. Sonia Atonio Maino reigning as the de-facto Prime Minister influencing every single decision, however trivial. However, this seems to be only the beginning. From tomorrow, she would be the de-facto President too. She can take decisions as she desires, without absolutely any risk on her shoulders as she practically carries no responsibility. Imagine what would happen to our country's intelligence & armed forces. Does our great nation deserve such a humiliation? Think friends, the time is not over yet. It is our motherland. We do have a say. Vande Mataram.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Friends,

We all should feel shame on selecting this lady as president for a biggest democratic country of the world. If she would have been in China, she would have been hanged for her involvement in the financial frauds. And the biggest joke is from tommorow she will sit on the toppest post of the country and decides on the mercy petitions submitted by all these criminals and biggest joke is known criminal fraud will decide the fate of our country. Dear friends, she is not becoming president for NDA alone she will become president for entire nation in which all of us are members. Pl dont keep silent eventhough we could not stop her becoming president atleast express our disgust over this henious act of UPA by email campaign and perhaps who knows may be supreme court may take this seriously and suspend her candidature.

Pl dont keep silent say vandemataram and start sending as many mails as you can to all the fellow country men and express our unanimous verdict and stop this national fraud to become next president.

Siddhartha said...

All charges are false. The police never exsisted and the courts and the RBI are idiots in India. She is honest, she is honest, she is honest.

So she is honest. Done!

But how many of we do know anything more about her apart from all the allegations? Why none of us know anything good of her (maybe lies)? Why is that no one talks even of her ‘good’ past and only has to defend her all the time?

Now imagine our past presidents. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Did we know about him before he was one? Yes. K. R. Narayanan? Yes. Dr. Rajendra Prasad? Yes. The rest? Yes. Then why a person who (forget the world) even India doesnt know anything about except for wrong reasons? And if the UPA and its partners in the game (including Mr. Cartoon) has to support her because she would be a good rubber stamp president, I have a better option….Get some killer bus driver from delhi who has no case pending against him yet. He might stamp better.

I had written to Dr. APJ Kalam. And received back a letter from him sometime back. That would go to my treasure box forever. Mrs. Patil? She would rather be a small time town MLA for me at the most.

Mutiny said...

By focusing on Sonia you are diluting your case. Focus on Prathiba.

jaitly vk said...

This message is from a senior citizen of India. Ex Professor from IIT Kharagpur. Most respected and adored by at least 33 batches of engineers who have passed from IIT Kharagpur.


A vast majority of citizens are watching helplessly at the spectacle of the election to the highest office of our Nation. We have a situation where an individual allegedly having a large number of charges against her, as being reported in the media, has been offered the support of the majority of the Electoral College by the UPA and several other political parties/groups. In this context an honest citizen of this country is left wondering about several issues of great importance for the long range political health of this Nation. Some of these are:

1. If even ONE of the alleged charges mentioned in the media is later found to be CORRECT, would it not be a lasting shame and stigma on this country and the Guardians of the Constitution of the Nation?
2. If the individual concerned is elected and installed as the President of India, can any impartial investigation in the veracity of the charges be carried out? And in all fairness even to her, every one of these allegations must be thoroughly investigated by an impartial body of unquestionable integrity to absolve her from these charges. But in the present situation the mere thought of the First Citizen of India being asked to appear in a court of law to be grilled leaves one totally dismayed. We already are witness to the denial of permission to prosecute a Minister in the Union Cabinet, and the Chief Minister of a State. The blanket support of BSP to any Presidential Candidate of UPA leaves one asking questions? We must have an individual as the President who would make each one of us to feel really proud of him/her.
3. The Prime Minister of India on Oath to safeguard the Constitution of the Nation has failed to do so while becoming a party to the selection of this particular candidate of UPA. As an expert on finance and a person of high personal integrity he is expected by us not to be a party to such a selection, and repeated attempts by him to absolve her of these charges through the media leaves us very dismayed. Or is it his way to convey a message to the large number of farmers on the verge of suicide due to pressure from banks for repayment of loans that they are in good company of a would be President of this Nation! Incidentally, these charges have not been trumped up after the selection of this candidate, but have been unearthed by the media and concerned individuals. By not exercising his constitutional duty to safeguard the Constitution on the day when the nomination papers of this candidate were filed when several of the charges were already in the public domain, and by not insisting on the withdrawal of her candidature on the last day of withdrawal when many more charges appeared in the media, the Prime Minister has utterly failed in his constitutional duty.
4. All Members of the Union Cabinet, All Members of Parliament, and the Leaders of all Parties, supporting this particular candidate have also failed to exercise their judgment and by being guided by ulterior motives are also in serious violation of the Oath that they have taken while being sworn to their respective offices. Drunk with the power of a brute majority of numbers on their side, this set of individuals have deprived this Nation of the services of a person of the stature of our present President for another term.
5. The Chairperson of the UPA is possibly the most culpable of all these Honorable individuals, allegedly keeping the choice of this particular individual to herself or to a very small coterie around her, and reportedly placing loyalty to The Family as an overriding criterion above all else.
6. We must appeal to the President of India, and the Supreme Court to take immediate steps to save the honour of this Nation. Every one who has even an iota of pride in being an Indian must raise his/her voice before it is too late. Or is it already too late?
7. The requirement of fifty proposers and an equal number of seconders from the Electoral College favors the ruling coterie, and is designed to prevent the nomination of eminent persons by non-political individuals for this office, and is in violation of the spirit of Fundamental Principle of Equality guaranteed by the Constitution. This provision is against the basic approach of the framers of our Constitution who by providing for a secret ballot for this election intended to make this office beyond petty party politicking to which it has been reduced making a mockery of our democratic credentials.
8. Thus the sanctity of the highest office of the country is being violated very blatantly, and we the citizens are being reduced to mere spectators by the people who rule the country on our behalf.

We must exercise our democratic right by making a stand, and convey a message to the politicians that we the people of India, in whose name and on whose behalf they profess to rule us, can not be taken for a ride on a matter of such vital importance for the Nation. They would not be allowed to play one group against another to perpetuate their whimsical ideas on us. Let us stand united and raise one voice for India.

Professor Yash Pal Singh

Note: This may seem to be a futile exercise. But still send this mail with this note to as many Indians as you can.

Anonymous said...

Congress which prides itself that was
instrumental in getting freedom for this country from the British.And it has now placed this country at the feet of an Italian.
Now they will have a Puppet President
Mullah Manmohan and sychophant Naveen Chawla as next EC all taken care for the next elections.


sreyas2001@hotmail.com said...

This is with ref. to KIRUBHAj’s mail.
Ok so u say some pretending patriotic group killed Mahatma Gandhi. What did Mahatma Gandhi do? During the Jallian wala Bagh that we all know about he killed thousands of Indian but did not die in the process. Was he the man to head the movement and die I would have appreciated his thoughts. Tell me what would you do if you see a hungry tiger chasing you and you are cornered? - Well try and kill it would be the most logical answer unless you are a congress and u r sure u are not the prey right? Nothing happened to him. What do you have to say about that. Nothing happened to any of his family members during the freedom struggle. What about the N number of Indian women that were raped and men killed and children made orphans. What do you have to say about that. Don’t you know a coin has two sides. He became the Mahatma but at whose cost?Nehru and his family too lost nothing. Both got the best foreign education - why was not India providing education? Nehru was at an advantage that he got to share Lord MountBatten’s wife too - this has been admitted by Pamela Mountbatten - daughter of Mrs. Muontbatten to the media. What did the rest of India get? Still living in poverty, still developing after 60 years of independence, still slaves of a foreign rule but for a change it’s an Italian rule this time. I need you to ask yourself these questions and get your answers right. If every Indian were to remember the true past logically - The Gandhi family would have vanished from our soil and we would have been a free and developed India. I would like every one going through this site to read this and ask your friends and families the truth. We are all still sleeping. Wake up Indians! The time has come - The so called majority are now Minorities.

B. Anne Matilda said...

Dear Indians,

Even though it is too late to discuss about the Presidential candidate nominated by UPA(Useless but (made)Powerful Antonio) Queen, it is our duty to express our anguish over the decisions being made at higher levels without considering the morality and social security of the nation. Sonia is again and again proving her arrogance by deciding all the matters on which our own Indians alone have sole discretion. I am being a Woman, proud to have a Woman as President. But being the First Woman President of India, there should not be a scar or stigma left in the pages of History that would always mock at women for the years to come. This is the time Women are elevated and respected in all the fields. Let us not hinder the progress of Womanhood by making a culprit, our Constitutional Head

Padmakumar G said...

Mrs.Anne Matilda has very rightly expressed the mind of an Indian woman, pained by the mockery played by UPA, in the name of womenhood'. Is it not gross injustice done to the Indian women by UPA by nominating a known criminal as the Presidential candidate? Would not the performance of such a woman reflect on the integrity and efficiency of the women? If the intentions of UPA was genuine, they should have selected an honest and efficient woman from the 50 crore Indian woman. Please don't try to play gimmicks when your intentions are not genuine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,



To be fair to Pratibha Patil ,there is little merit in questioning her credentials because of her faith in visitations from the dead .However , there is urgent need to have a proper explanation from her in loan recovery case and criminal case pending against her husband . Well ,the UPA should have adhered to better standards before hailing her as Presidential nominee . How can such a candidate , mired in serious controversies , be considered fit for the highest post ? Above all,the silence of the Leftists is quite surprising since they claim themselves to be supporters of value-based politics !.It's clear that Left didn't have a last laugh in selection of Presidential candidate .

In fact , the Leftists were simply more interested in highlighting their likes and dislikes instead of disclosing name of the suitable candidate . Now they are left with no choice other than to support a candidate , having 100% loyalty to the Congress party as one of her prime qualifications. Though the Left parties harp about placing a perfect candidate on the highest seat , they have been , like always , reduced to mere spectator in the whole tamasha .Ironically , the Left is not hesitant in supporting a virtual 'rubber-stamp' but is uncomfortable in supporting a man environed in political wisdom !It's time for the Left and Congress to do a reality-check to prevent the highest seat from going to undeserving candidate . It's clear that hunt for suitable candidate has not been propelled by higher standards but governed by factors serving the personal interests of Left and Congress .

- Arvind K.Pandey

Writer's Address:
Arvind K. Pandey
H. No.- 36 B/8/178, Bhavapur,
Allahabad -211016
U.P., India.
Telephone No.- 0532-2617458
Mobile :9889063885
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