July 05, 2007

Croatia :Intelligence Underground Is To Blame


PRESIDENT & PRIME MINISTER:Intelligence Underground Is To BlamePresident Stjepan
Mesic and Prime Minister Ivo Sanader claim that recent events were brought on by criminal and intelligence circles.

Ivona Barić V.T. Croatian President Stjepan Mesic and Prime Minister Ivo Sanader will not relent in the fight against bribery and corruption and all forms of organized crime regardless of the attempts of certain groups from the intelligence underground and criminal circles that are conducting different kinds of media-intelligence manipulation, states their joint press release.

The President and Prime Minister fully dismiss the attempts to discredit the state’s leaders and heads of the law respecting state’s institutions, launched by those who obviously fear justice and the functioning of the law respecting state.

The release states that the determination and political will of the state’s highest officials, through the support of the relevant state bodies in the fight against all forms of corruption and organized crime, has been demonstrated a countless number of times, including the Maestro campaign, and President Mesic and Prime Minister Sanader will keep insisting on further campaigns conducted by the institutions of the law respecting state.

Are Austrian secret agencies involved?

The President and Prime Minister’s statement was released in the wake of many bits of information regarding the meeting of General Vladimir Zagorec with Sasa Perkovic, President Mesic’s advisor.

According to the claims of Zagorec’s attorney Hodak, the meeting was requested by the Office of the President and the President offered Zagorec repentant status. As newspaper Nacional writes, the meeting took place following the written approval of the state prosecutor Mladen Bajic. Hodak, on the other hand, claims that the entire meeting was recorded and the recordings are currently being translated at the Austrian parliamentary committee, where the process against Zagorec is taking place.

As daily newspaper Jutarnji list has learned, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sanader asked Austrian Chancellor Gusenbauer, who is on a trip to South America, to state whether or not Austrian secret agencies were involved in the case.

The document that the state’s leaders claim to be falsified is also a matter of dispute and both sides claim that the other side showed them the document. The document allegedly states that Prime Minister Sanader deposited 19 tons of gold bars in the British Virgin Islands.

Bajic knew about the contact between Zagorec and the Office of the President

State prosecutor Mladen Bajic confirmed today that the state prosecutor’s office knew that Vladimir Zagorec had requested a meeting with President Mesic’s advisor and that the prosecutor’s office had given the consent to take the documents from Zagorec and possibly meet with him.

Asked to comment on the claims that Mesic’s office broke the constitutional division of the government into three branches, chief state prosecutor Mladen Bajic said that he had not been influenced by anyone and that no one had asked anything of him.

The Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) representatives’ club also made a statement on the issue of whether the division of the government had been violated by the meeting of the President’s advisor with Zagorec.

“If the information in the media, saying that Perkovic tried to make a deal with Zagorec, turns out to be accurate, that signifies the direct involvement of the President of the state in the work of the judiciary,” Pero Kovacevic said in Parliament today.

Pukanic: Zagorec deceived Mesic

“Vladimir Zagorec deceived President Mesic by recording his conversation with the President’s advisor Sasa Perkovic with the help of contacts in the intelligence system,” said Ivo Pukanic in the Nova TV talk show “Tema dana” (Topic of the day) with host Hloverka Novak Srzic.

Pukanic thinks that the issue at hand in the Zagorec case is the good intention of the Office of the President and the state prosecutor Mladen Bajic to catch the “big fish.”

Other guests in the talk show were retired Admiral Davorin Domazet Loso and HSP representative Pero Kovacevic.

“Zagorec is trying to compromise Mesic with the help of fences”

“What Austrian intelligence agency, Zagorec recorded the conversation himself and, with the help of his fences, among which I include Davorin Domazet Loso, who is present here, he tried to compromise the entire state top so that he appears to be the small fish in the whole affair,” said Pukanic.

Davorin Domazet Loso responded by saying that this was a disaster if it is true that Zagorec had managed to deceive the President of the state.

Domazet thinks that the number of similar scandals in recent days are evidence that their goal is to prove that the Croatian Democratic Party (HDZ) itself is part of a criminal organization.

“The matter at hand is that [they] tried to win over Zagorec as a repentant who would call out President Tudjman, three prime ministers in the 1990s, a number of people from the state top at the time and the entire HDZ as a criminal organization and it is all part of a blow to Croatia as a state.”

Pukanic to Domazet: We are not idiots

In response to Pukanic’s comment that, with those words, Domazet was really saying that President Mesic was framing HDZ, Domazet replied that that was not what he had said.

“Loso, this is also a way to start a very dirty election campaign. We are not idiots,” Pukanic said to him.

Domazet argued by saying that Pukanic’s words meant that Zagorec had tricked President Mesic into a secret meeting and deal, and he wondered what kind of state organs were those who could be tricked.

“In the Zagorec case, the issue at hand is the good intention of the Office of the President and state prosecutor Mladen Bajic to catch the ‘big fish’ and I do not see what the problem is,” said Ivo Pukanic.
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