July 04, 2007

Nimitz entry reminds toxic tongues of Nixon Kissinger

Entry of Nimitz at Chennai reminds what Nixon calling Indira a witch
and a bitch and Kissinger referring to all Indians as bastards,
slippery, treacherous, insufferably arrogant people. Kissinger visited China
and asked China to menace India in 1971 war. Is Indo-US Nuke Deal not a
conspiracy to mortgage our Nuke sovereignty to America?

Toxic Tongues of Nixon and Kissinger
Recently declassified documents reveal what Nixon and Kissinger thought
about Indira Gandhi, with Nixon calling her a "witch" and a "bitch"
and Kissinger referring to all Indians as "bastards." [Guardian]

In a White House conversation with Mr Kissinger on 4 June, 1971,
President Nixon berated his ambassador to India, Kenneth Keating, for wanting
to, as Mr Kissinger puts it, "help India push the Pakistanis out".

Kissinger: While she (Indira) was a bitch, we got what we wanted too.
You very subtly-I mean, she will not be able to go home and say that the
United States didn't give her a warm reception and therefore, in
despair, she's got to go to war.
Nixon: We really slobber over the old witch. [US State Department]

US wanted to keep Indira Gandhi in the dark
Gandhi had come to the US in the period just before the Indo-Pakistan
war of 1971. At that point, the US had a "special relationship" with
Ayub Khan, the dictator of Pakistan, and India was flirting with the
Soviets. The US did not want East Pakistan to form an independent

Falsehood and inhumanity of Nixon and Kissinger
In a dramatic way Nixon praised Indira Gandhi to keep her in the dark:
"On the many occasions when heads of government and heads of state have
been welcomed at the White House, many very famous leaders have
appeared here. Our distinguished guest today has the unique distinction,
through the parliamentary system of India that more people have voted for
her leadership than for any leader in the whole history of the world,"

Nixon and Kissinger-Partners in Power'
Well-known American author and historian Robert Dallek recalls the
events in the White House during December 1971 in a just-published book
'Nixon and Kissinger-Partners in Power'.

Kissinger said, "We would take the gravest view of any unprovoked
Chinese aggression against India." Opposite to this he asked China to menace
India in 1971 war.

Mr Kissinger further says: "Those sons-of-bitches, who never have
lifted a finger for us, why should we get involved in the morass of East
Pakistan? "If East Pakistan becomes independent, it is going to become a
cesspool. It's going be 100 million people; they have the lowest
standard of living in Asia."
President Nixon replies: "Yeah."
Mr Kissinger: "They're going to become a ripe field for communist
infiltration." [BBC]

US threw Pakistan towards China
Our objective should be to "buoy up Yahya for at least another month
while Pakistan served as the gateway to China," Kissinger told Nixon. We
saw the result of this policy into the shape of Musharraf's friedship
whith China at the time of Kargil war. Pakistan gifted a portion of Pok
to China.

Chinese tango with Pakistan was aimed at India
Trios Pak-Sino-US are still dangerous threat to India: Pakistan is a
partner of US in its war against terrorism to be a heaven for terrorists.
Chinese tango with Pakistan was aimed at India. Recently declassified
CIA documents show that the Chinese were engaged in a major effort to
win over the Pakistanis both before and after the Sino-Indian war of
1962. An appendix in the papers, entitled "Sino-Pakistani Border
Negotiations: 1960-1963", declassified with a host of other documents, quoted a
Pakistani official as saying that the principle of "the enemy of my
enemy is my friend" applied in New Delhi.

Indira Gandhi could not be fooled by Trios Pak-Sino-US
There was "too much turmoil under the heavens", Chinese Premier Zhou
Enlai told Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Adviser to President
Richard Nixon, when he arrived in Beijing on July 9, 1971 on a trip
that could truly be called historic.

Indira Gandhi experienced the panic condition of Bengalis of East
Pakistan due to the cruelty of West Pakistan and the flood of reugees into
India. She could not be made fool as Nehru became.

Exactly a month later, on August 9, 1971, the Foreign Ministers of
India and the Soviet Union, Swaran Singh and Andrei A. Gromyko, signed the
Indo-Soviet Treaty. Due to this treaty China did not dare to execute
the guideline of Kissinger to to menace India in 1971 war.

Victory of India on Pakistan to liiberte East Pakistan
Indian forces completed their conquest of East Pakistan and agreed to a
ceasefire in West Pakistan with no occupation of additional Pakistani
territory. Courageous decision of Indira Gandhi, bravery of Army and
treaty with Soviet Union gave India a victory on Pakistan.

India could not solve Kashmir problem even in its two victories on
Soviet Union supported India in United Nations also many time by its
VETO. Because of Indo Soviet treaty India could win the war of 1971. More
than 90 thousands soldiers of Pakistan were in the captivity of India.
Even that winning leadership of Indira Gandhi could not bargain for
getting back PoK through the Lahore decdlaration. Because of that we are
facing Pak sponsored terror attack in Kashmir. Could this not be done
due to the Soviet Union? Did Soviet Union want to please US and China to
pressurize India?

Victories went in the vain
Indian army succeeded to flag of India on the Lahore by its victory in
the war of 1965 in the premiership of Lalbahdur Shstri. But what did we
get in that victory? Due to the intervention of Soviet Union not only
that victory went in the vain but also we had lost our great leader lal
Bahadur Shastri who did with in his 13 months tenure which could not
be done by Pt Nehru in his 13 years.

"Sinh gelaa; Gadh (PoK) Nakoa aala"
Soviet Union invited lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkand for the treaty
between Pakistan and India. There we found the death body of Shastriji in
a suspected condition: "Sinh gelaa; Nakoa (PoK) Gadh aala". We were
more sorrowful than Hindu Samrat Veer Shivaji who said "Gadh alaa; Sinh

Daughter of Stalin had said in India that she saw Subhash Bose in the
prison of Siberia. Even at that time she gave the barrack number also.
Did Soviet Union act in this way to remove Netaji Subhash in the way of
Nehru on the request of Nehru? Future historians should thorow some
light on this.
In this way as I discussed above our both victories of 1065 and 1971
went in the vain. Because of that we are still facing Pakistan sponsored
terrorism since last two decades.


Present government could not take polio drop after its birth in 2004.
So it is unable to walk and talk. Its right hand Congress and left hand
Leftist fight with each other. The government could not learn a lesson
from the history. It is in the grip of US through Indo US Nuke Deal.
Even Rice criticizes our Non-Allignment policy. China claims on Arunachal
but Left is silent on that. Our two victories on Pak could give
nothing. Like that the present government is alive without giving any benefit
to the people of India.

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