August 03, 2007

Commentary : PKK and American policy - By Peter Stitt

With respect to Martin Zehr the author of the article "US Foreign Policy on Kurdistan Alienates Kurds and Provokes Regional Conflagration" can I ask him what the Turkish people should expect their government's response to be when there are PKK related bombs going off in western Turkey and attacks on Turkish military personnel in North Kurdistan?

I am 100% for the creation of the Kurdish state but I understand that the Turks have a right to defend themselves, their people and the tourists that visit their country. By seeking asylum in South Kurdistan PKK has brought the battle into the heartland of the KRG. Of course Masoud Barzani "expresses" his unanimity with any Kurdish fighters, then he returns to counting his money. He would prefer it if they buggered off and left him to consolidate his kingdom but he dare not be seen to be against any Kurdish "freedom" movement.

And there is the rub, is the PKK a "freedom" movement? I see it as an organisation for the celebration and canonisation of Abdulah Ocelan, not for the benefit of the Kurdish people. I detest the "victim mentality" that certain peoples use to aid their political arguments and Kurds have avoided that so far despite suffering outrage after outrage.

To accuse Turkey of being unreasonable in going after PKK is absurd. If PKK attacks Turkish citizens or military personnel it is a viable target. I stand by Kurdistan but I will not stand by Ocelan's dictatorship. You are asking a militarist nation to be hit and to not strike back. That is madness. How are you going to condemn anything they do when TAK bombs are killing western tourists and Turkish civilians?

Please let's be reasonable here, a Turdish life is the same value as a Kurdish life is the same value as a British life etc. If PKK stop its attacks and reins in the idiots in TAK so there are no more bombs in the west, the Turks will not feel the need to make such public attacks. The military will also not have the justification for such attacks.

At precisely the moment when the corrupt and nepotistic regimes of Barzani and Talabani were actually creating (by chance, not design) a nation called Kurdistan, the PKK managed to reunite the USA and Turkey against Kurdish interests. Nice one Ocelan's boys. What do you fools do for an encore? Set the Kurdish independence movement back another 500 years to further your own petty aims? Biji Ocelan? I don't think so....

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