August 27, 2007

Financially Driven Network Attacks

Network Attacks – Past and Present

In the past, network attacks were motivated by fame and recognition. Today’s threats have become far more complex. Malware, and targeted attacks are almost always economically motivated. The goal of today’s threats is to stay silent and hidden for as long as possible while stealing confidential and financial data off of infected networks throughout the world.

New Discoveries

• Malware is now economically motivated and backed by organized crime and foreign interests.
• The development of highly critical malware, such as targeted attacks, is also on the rise.
• The level of sophistication behind malware makes it extremely difficult for traditional solutions to detect and remove.
• Creation of Bot-Networks to defraud business models and consumers through sophisticated social engineering.

Discussion Topics

• Current malware trends and statistics
• The rise of economically motivated malware
• Understanding your enemy – Targeted attacks
• Security 2.0 – Defense Strategies
• Product Solutions

Join us (Enroll Now) and learn firsthand about these new types of attacks and threats and what is being done to provide network administrators with the tools needed to combat them. Panda is a leading provider of network security solutions, and has led the market with many innovations such as TruPrevent TechnologiesTM, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and attacks in workstations as well as file servers and most recently, Malware Radar—the most comprehensive, in-depth computer scanning technology ever invented.

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