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-- From Narain Kataria

It was the afternoon of Saturday, August 18th, 2007. The American Hindus, with origin from various global countries, had assembled in the spacious auditorium of Ganesh Temple in Flushing, New York. The unusual occasion was the mass celebration of the Hindu Sangathan Divas, a tradition of the metropolitan City now going into its thirteenth year.

The rare event that carried great historical significance for Hindus of the world was jointly organized by the Hindu Temple Society of North America and the Indian American Intellectuals Forum and then wholeheartedly supported by other forty-seven big and small Hindu groups.

Commemorating the Coronation of Brave Hindu King, 333 Years Ago

The prestigious auditorium was full to the capacity. The expression of enthusiasm and jubilation of the audience was seen to be believed. For more than 1000 Hindus to assemble at one place to reaffirm their deep pride in their Hindu-ness, in itself, was a powerful commentary on the surge of Hindu renaissance around the world.

The enthusiasm, energy and excitement of the audience was clearly evident as they proceeded to commemorate the coronation, 333 years ago, of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the brave and courageous Hindu King who successfully demolished the Islamic domination in India and once again established the Hindu rule in country.

The energized audience was addressed by Chief Guest, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the former Commerce and Law Minister and the President of Janata Party in India. In his eloquent and thought-provoking speech Dr. Swamy reminded the assembled how the Hindus in India were being systematically targeted in the Jammu and Kashmir State and mercilessly killed in various bomb blasts in places like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, Koimbatore, and Kerala.

Hindus under Siege in their Own Country

Dr. Swamy pointed out that the Hindus, actually, were under siege from all directions by the Jihadi Islamic elements and the fanatic Christian groups. Hindus had already become a minority in their own country in states like Kashmir, Kerala, and in the North-Eastern corridor.

Dr. Swamy continued that in the circumstances, the Hindu unity had become the crying need of the hour. Right now, it was not enough to have a mere Hindu Ekta. What we really needed badly was the Viraat Hindu Ekta… for the very survival of India as the Hindu nation.

Chiding those who label Hindu Dharma as a religion practicing casteism, Dr. Swamy gave examples galore from the Hindu history refuting the baseless and motivated charges that Hinduism condoned the discrimination on the basis of caste. Learned leader reminded that Sage Valmiki who wrote Ramayan was not a Brahmin. Sage Vishwamitra described as the rishi of rishis, Mahakavi Kalidas, Ved Vyasa who wrote the epic Mahabharat – all these were not the Brahmins. Lord Ram was not a Brahmin but a Kshatriya, Lord Krishna was a Yadav. Yet, Hindus worship all these saints, intellectuals and heroes with equal reverence.

Stop the Vilification and Demon-ization of Our Great Sanatan Dharma

After the India’s independence, an anti-Hindu cult has emerged in the country that seeks to rubbish our gods, damn our scriptures, belittle our saints, demonize and vilify the Hinduism as a whole. “Unite and jettison these atheists and their fellow travelers,” thundered Dr. Subramanian Swamy. We need new Hindu leaders with mission and vision that can work to safeguard our Dharma and society.

Dr. Swamy reminded the audience that India stands today to be the third largest economy in the world. Our economic growth rate is nearing 9%. We are soon going to be one of the richest countries in the world. But, cautioned Dr. Swamy, that is not enough. India had been economically rich in the past also. Yet, we were subjugated and enslaved by a handful of foreign invaders. That was possible because the Hindus were not united then. Economic growth is okay but internal and external security is more important than anything else. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we learn a lesson from the History and act in unison.

True Hindu Leader to be the Manifestation of ‘Sovereign Will of Hindu Nation’

Dr. Frank Morales, now re-named Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, the President of International Sanatana Dharma Society and the keynote speaker of the occasion, spoke on the subject of “Dharma Ascending: Restoring Hinduism as a Global Force.”

Sanatana Dharma is at a crucial point in its history. Having withstood over a 1000 years of brutal oppression and battering, the Sanatana Dharma today finds itself rising from the ashes and reconstructing from the scratch. It is facing several challenges – both internal and external. Of these, it is the internal ones that are in most dire need of being met.

The biggest challenge before the Sanatana Dharma is a severe lack of the qualified leadership. A true Hindu leader has to be the manifestation of the ‘Sovereign Will of the Hindu Nation.’ Such a leader is required to have the dual qualities of humility and fearlessness, and has to be willing to give his life for the sake of Dharma and the Hindu people. Once the Hindu world witnesses the rise of such a leader, Sanatana Dharma will then burst onto the world stage as a revitalized and dynamic global force destined to change the course of world history.

Hope for All Hindu Temples in US to Celebrate Such Sangathan Divas

Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of Hindu Temple Society of North America reminded the gathering that Hinduism necessarily believes in the non-violence and tolerance. Only Hinduism has the capability to bring peace in the world. She expressed the hope that the day was not far when all the temples in US would celebrate the Hindu Sangathan Divas; the first one among them to join hands was the Maha Vallabh Ganpathy temple in New York.

Dr. Mysorekar expressed an urgent need to save the temples in India from the clutches of the vote-bank politicians. She urged Hindus to send their children to temples so as to enable them to learn more about their ancestral Dharma and heritage. Mr. Narain Kataria, the President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) and Mr. Arish K. Sahani, its Senior Vice President, also spoke on the occasion.

Five prominent American Hindu leaders, Rajan Zed, who led the Hindu prayer at the US Senate in July 2007, Nathir N. Lalchandani, Prof. M.G. Prasad, Gopinathan Pillai and Pabitra Chaudhuri, were honored for their valuable and untiring contributions to the service of Hindu Samaj.

Unanimous Resolutions Passed at the Hindu Unity Event

The following three resolutions were unanimously passed by the enlightened assembly by a voice vote:

Resolution 1: We American Hindus of the Tri-state area unanimously resolve to call upon the Government of India to immediately cease the destruction of the holy Ram-Sethu Bridge between India and Sri Lanka.


Resolution 2: We Hindu Americans of the Tri-state area unanimously resolve to call upon the Government of India to scrap the Hindu Charitable and Religious Endowment Act in force today. This Act is being systematically abused by numerous state governments across the country to encroach upon and sell away the temple lands. This land has been the property of Hindu temples since ages and is meant for the sustenance of temple priests and the Hindu devotees.

Resolution 3: We Hindu Americans of the Tri-state area solemnly observe the silence for two minutes for the thousands of innocent Hindus killed in numerous Islamic Jihady attacks and other religious cleansing of Hindus carried out all over the country.


Refractor said…
Balmiki was a shudra ?
he was an untouchable?

since when these group have started learning Sanskrit, the deva bhasha!
Anonymous said…
Mirabai was known for her bhakti, though she was Love Incarnate who taught the world what bhakti is. checkout this site about Mirabai for more about her and her teachings.
Anonymous said…
There are Hindus in muslim countries like Pakistan and bangladesh. Pak has 1.6 million muslims (atleast). They face discrimination, attacks on their mandir, kidnapping of girls, forced conversion and blatent, open discrimination in the government sectors, they are not even allowed to vote a muslim candidate and a lot of poor Hindu families, are made to serve as bonded labourers on farms What is the Hindu Unity organisation doing for them? Can I help in any way?

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