September 19, 2007

BALOCHISTAN & ICJ - Articulating the case and educating the West

Guest Column by Nagesh Bhushan

The tone and tenor of a few Baloch groups, particularly individuals who started heckling the Khan of Kalat Mr. Mir Suleman Daud Khan and others over their desire to take the Baloch case to the ICJ, is cynical and ignorant of the long term benefits that this action could fetch for the Baloch. The ground reality in the West is very perplexing. People in America, for example, still ask where Balochistan is--often they think it is a central Asian country. Also, even less is known about the Baloch people, who regard themselves as secular and have never used religion in their struggle for freedom. Needless to mention, in the West, Balochistan is synonymous with Al-Qaeda and terrorism, thanks to the Pakistani administration’s consistent efforts to blur the line between Al-Qaeda terrorism and the uprising of the Baloch people in an effort to win their rights.

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Anonymous said...

This is true indeed - the Baluch nationalist movement is being given a bad name by linking it with terrorism outfits operating in the region.

Hassan Abbas

KAMAASH said...

sallam to all
my question is on what basis khan of kalat is goin in ICJ cause he already said that he just want to challenge the agreement in which khan already accept balochistan's merger with pakistan if khan want to be in pakistan on the bassis of that document than what about Baloch Liberation Army,Baloch Liberation Front,Baloch Rebuplican Army
they already said we are struggling for an independent balochistan but khan didnt