September 14, 2007

Hindus and the big picture

Dr. Gautam Sen.

Hindu understanding of the world they inhabit and their associated political activity sadly gives the impression of missing the wood for the trees. Running around like headless chickens disconsolate Hindus protest a myriad of slights, insults and assaults. But they are failing to grasp the alarming interconnectedness of outwardly disparate events and how profoundly consequential they are for the destiny of Hindus. For more than a thousand years luck (being relatively numerous at a time when the physical reach of predators was limited) and fierce intermittent resistance combined to prolong fragile Hindu survival. In the contemporary world, there is an intensification of the on-going war against Hindus whether by the Jihadi pornographer Hussain trashing the most sacred Hindu objects of veneration, abetted by their own obscene elites, or the brazen denunciation of their ancient epic, the Ramayana by some ASI low-life.

Hindus are apparently failing to grasp that these persistent attacks constitute a prelude to the kill of a grievously injured prey. Disputing the veracity of the unremitting libel and abuse against them, as if it was all an unfortunate misunderstanding that could be dispelled by reason and logic merely confirms that Hindus, like the doomed Bourbons of France, have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. The Mahatma has indeed reached out from his Samadhi to ensure that an instinct of ‘collective suicide’, as he constantly enjoined, remains the default setting in the Hindu psyche. That this self-obsessed and enigmatically absurd man is the guiding light of Hindus rather than a Shivaji, Vivekananda or Aurobindo is a final testament to their degradation and impending demise.

The world is going to be apportioned between Christians and Muslims, with China the outlier entering the fray in competition with them at some future date. However, Islamo-Christian conflict has constituted the unfolding history of the world for the past 1500 years, with the religion of love coming into deadly conflict with the religion of peace after 571 AD. Christian imperialism advanced with spectacular brutality after Emperor Constantine turned it into the political ideology of the Roman State and the Islamic reprise that earlier swept all in its path ended at the gates of Vienna in 1683. Hindus have simply remained the last frontier until the counterparts of the ‘Red Indian’s are finally erased and the domination of the white Christians or the execrable bearded clergy becomes unassailable.

Of course ideologically intransigent and a demographically expansionist Islam may terrorise Hindus into complete submission at an opportune moment. Women of the defeated fancied by the conquerors will be consigned to their notorious harems and a surge in religious conversion will occur in the name of the religion of peace and tolerance. They will then resume their world-historical struggle against white Christian societies of European origin. But it is the Christians, who are militarily pre-eminent at present and they have also cornered the current market in intellectual thought, ideas and moral purpose. They will duplicitously eulogise and lament the passing of the creative Hindus, having wreaked havoc on them in the first place themselves. To destroy and then ceremoniously shed tears as you do so dramatically signifies a civilisation’s complete political dominion. It is achieved by taking control of legitimate intellectual discourse, the associated custodianship of interpreting human experience and the transmission of ideas, so that even the victims upon whom destruction is being inflicted lose their capacity to know their own fate. White Christians have achieved this remarkably blessed status by truly making their own industries that fabricate human knowledge and the world’s media that disseminates it.

This is why the insistence of various Sang Parivar surrogates abroad on engaging in interfaith dialogue is baffling in the extreme. Of course the era of Bania primacy could provide a mundane explanation since Hindu activists of all stripes have succumbed to the values of low commerce. The lure of money seems to breed stupidity and instil self-righteous confidence; attributes instantly observable in the political activists concerned despite feigned phoney self-deprecation. Since interfaith dialogue ought to imply mutual respect evangelical activity is in blatant and hypocritical contravention of its basic purport. Christians simultaneously engage in interfaith dialogue and evangelical activity to lull potential victims into a false sense of security and misguided notions of self-worth. Such a devious stratagem only highlights utter contempt and disrespect for Hindus with whom they engage in the charade of interfaith dialogue. Petting a goat before its slaughter is a well-known routine before the kill. But Hindus aim to please and the unspoken question that seems forever poised on their lips is how low they need to bow when self-abasement is required of them.

The other wood Hindus cannot seem to fathom amid the trees is the diabolical role the British played in their history. After inflicting on them famines and mass death in the 1760s, resulting in seven million dead (quarter of Bengal’s population) because of rapacious looting immediately after Plassey they caused the deaths of untold millions in the same Bengal on the eve of their departure almost exactly 180 years later. During the interim colonial history countless manmade famines are recorded and the post-1857 holocaust of mass murder is only being uncovered now. This is the period in which the British went on exultant killing sprees to avenge the alleged rape of their women during the mutiny itself. Needless to say that there was enthusiastic domestic British support for the mass murder, with the writer Charles Dickens himself declaring his fervent approval.

In more recent times, the British political establishment, having first assiduously promoted Indian’s partition in 1947, cynically sought India’s further disintegration by inciting the notorious Khalistani assassin Jagjit Singh Chauhan to declare independence from British soil on the very day Dhaka fell to the Indian army. And it was a British High Commissioner who invented the figure of 2000 killed in post-Godhra Gujarat that has become the stick to beat Hindus with for all time to come. Avarice and racial hatred were always the dominant themes of the British interaction with India.

Yet many Indians exhibit an embarrassing infatuation for all things British. India’s allegedly Rightist journalists swear by inferred British values, which only ever apply to the white British of course. Indeed the most ‘celebrated’ among them once notoriously dubbed Britain’s Queen India’s monarch too! The Left playing havoc with India’s future imbibed their half-baked, bankrupt ideas and political whims from British universities in which intelligence agents routinely masquerade as Leftist radicals. Today, the majority of British Leftists have discovered in Hinduism the greatest threat posed to human civilisation since the Nazis. Most of them attribute Islamic militancy partly to Hindu oppression and quietly applaud the punishment being meted out to Hindus in various Indian cities by Islamic terrorists.

Yet Indians cannot avoid being seduced by the machinations of the British State and its minions, not least some intelligence agents, who have made India their home, disguised as writers. One of the most sickening spectacles is the way all and sundry lionises them in India, so irresistible are charms of proximity a bona fide white presence. It was therefore unsurprising to learn that a British academic, involved with British intelligence, was able to place an Indian Leftist in a major university post in Delhi, so compelling is the value placed on white intercession. But to witness the Prime Minister of India standing next to him at an inauguration ceremony in Delhi recently was startling nevertheless.

Hindus need to understand that Islamo-Christianity is essentially hostile to their survival as an autonomous culture and political society. Their imperialistic impulses are a grave danger to Hindus because the porosity of the modern world has made their society vulnerable to inimical influences in familiar and novel ways. The eventual outcome for Hindus will have nothing to do with whether are good or bad people, talented or not, etc. It will have everything to do with the fact that politics abhors a power vacuum and politically divided Hindus without a government prepared to defend them and their interests, which has been their dismal fate for hundreds of years, at least since the great visionary soldier Shivaji, cannot survive. All the bad things constantly happening to them, from California and Bangladesh to everywhere in India, which is probably the most dangerous place in the world for Hindus, is part of a relentless pattern.

It is this political pattern that Hindus need to recognise and comprehend. And its evolution highlights starkly for anyone willing to see that appeals to justice and fairness are totally misplaced. What is taking place is a war of extermination, which is simultaneously social, political and biological, and Hindus are its victims. They will be converted, subjugated or destroyed as the two Semitic religions have unfailingly done to all rivals or any group that happens to differ from them. Christians and Muslims will eventually engage in even deadlier conflict with each other than they are already, but they will destroy the weak Hindus first because it is too tempting an opportunity to disdain.

13th September 2007.


Anonymous said...

A prescient and painful essay.

Hindus will need to go on the offensive against the missionary monotheist creeds if they wish to avoid the fate of the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas - and all those others whose culture and civilization were destroyed by the twin terrors of Christianity and Islam.

The Hindus have the advantage of knowing the fate of these aforementioned societies. It is up to us to heed the warning and act in time.

Druv said...

Yes, the twin blades of evil must be stopped at all costs!