September 16, 2007

INDIA : UPA is to Setu what Taliban is to Bamiyan

On March 6th 2007, the Union Minister of Culture in the Government of India, Ms Ambika Soni, stated in the Parliament that, "There are no archaeological studies revealing the existence of a Rama Setu bridge between India and Sri Lanka, although a NASA satellite picture does show the existence of a stretch of land bridge in the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka. As to declaring and preserving the said bridge as an ancient monument of National and Historical importance, such question does not arise." The minister was explaining to the parliament as to why, instead of considering Setu a heritage, the government is destroying it. (Lest someone be misled by Ms Soni's name or Bindi, in thinking she is a Hindu, we must clarify in the passing that she is a devout roman catholic and vociferously anti-Hindu.)


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