September 10, 2007

Iranian Government response to Baloch unrest 2004-07

Intellibriefs generated this chart based on data compiled by sweden based baloch organisation Radio Balochi FM "List of Young Baloch Men hanged/killed by Iranian Regime in 2004-2007"

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Anonymous said...

The fascist, fundamentalist and rascist regime of Iran is dreaming to turn the clock back to the age of the ancient King Zaerus, whose slaves were out-numbered than all others.

The retarded Persian Mullas of Iran dream, at any cost, to follow their Jehad to make WMD and conquer Middle-east, Central Asia and even Europe to satisfy their thrust of blood.

The greedy dicatatorial Mullas, refuse to share with thier own citizens the incomes of Oil & Gas. They kill them. If they don`t care for their own citizens, what can the whole world expect from them?

To save their accumulated wealth & power, Iranian retarded rulers are spreading crisis, battles and wars in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and every-where.

The train of the Irani fascist devils must be braked, stopped, crushed and burnt as soon as possible.