September 28, 2007

NDTV and IANS : Misreporting and No clarifications NO apologies

"Pro Hindu fanatics are protesting against Sonia's visit" says NDTV and IANS (Indo Asian News Service). The volunteer whom they interviewed asked later on what basis they are saying the protest is Pro-Hindutva, the NDTV reporter mentioned that he was still inquiring in India and IANS reporter admitted a mistake. They had little to say, when they were asked why they did not write a single point on the reasons for protest given in the flyer and website. When the volunteer wrote a feedback to NDTV online, they did not include the comments.

What is the integrity of these journalists and the media owners? The journalists have become bread winners doing what their masters dictate by selling away their integrity. Indian journalism has become dangerous propaganda machine with little news value.

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