September 21, 2007

Sonia Gandhi's UN Visit : Protest and Hunger Strike by "Forum for Gandhi Heritage"




Protest Details

Where: United Nations, 47th St & 1st Ave, NY

When: Oct 2, 2007, 12-2 PM

Fast & Prayer Details

Where: Union Square (front of Gandhi Statue), 14th St & Union Square East, NY

When: Oct 1st and Oct 2nd, 10AM - 6PM

Hundreds from across the entire continental US are expected to participate in a peaceful protest, fast and prayers, against Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi, President of Congress Party and UPA Chairman on her representation on Oct 2nd at UN on International Non-Violence day.

While we commend the declaration of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday as International Non-Violence Day by United Nations at India's request, we highly condemn the usurpation of this historic moment by an unqualified politician whose policies, programs and values are antithesis of what Mahatma Gandhi ji stood for.

Mahatma Gandhi ji's life represented, truth, tolerance, non-violence, purity and resistance to injustice. In today's world filled with terrorism, religious fanaticism, political corruption, Mahatma Gandhi ji's message is more relevant now than ever before. As Martin Luther King said, "we tend to ignore Gandhi at our own risk".

However, Ms. Sonia Gandhi is entirely contrary to the principles and ethos of luminaries such as Mahatma Gandhi ji, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. and hence not worthy of being chosen to represent Gandhi ji.

We firmly believe that this strategy is motivated by desire to gain international legitimacy and political control in Indian governance, using the name of a world revered Indian icon รข€“ Mahatma Gandhi ji. The fact is Sonia (Maino) Gandhi has no relationship whatsoever, either by blood, ideals and actions with the revered Father of the Nation of India.

People who do not know, here in USA, United Nations and the rest of the World will assume that Sonia Gandhi is a relative of Mahatma Gandhi (because of the same last name) and she stood for his ideals. To permit her to represent Gandhi ji would be a travesty in the name of Mahatma Gandhi ji.

It is imperative that we hold a sacred symbol such as Mahatma Gandhi ji as sacred, otherwise we will have little to hold on to. We cannot and should not allow such sacred symbol usurped by those whose life is opposite to what he stood for in his life.

The forum therefore feels that Sonia (Maino) Gandhi selection to speak on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi ji is inappropriate.

We would be highly obliged, if you could kindly send your representative(s) to cover this historic event. For further information, you may refer to website or contact our media representative Naresh Sharma, 609-226-9702


Anonymous said...

You must be greatful that Indira Gandhi is more loyal to India than you all jokers who left India, came to this country to enoy a great life while millions of your fellow countrymen are dying of hunger and starvation. Quit shouting and do some real service like Gandhi Nehru families. How many of you really follow the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi?

Wake up and respect other people who do.

Anonymous said...

totally agree. no one can doubt Sonia's dediction to India. How many American citizens of Indian origin can be so loyal to United States.We should ignore the professional shouters and agitators.

Anonymous said...

In response to previous two comments:
What do you know about other sides of both Indira Gandhi and Sonia ( I am not going to use her last name)have you ever tried to know their other side, the real Indira & Sonia. I think both of you are real jokers who got some nerve to post such comments. Even Mahatma Gandhiji went to South Africa. And the real reason Indians have to go abroad to have a good living is Nehru Family ruined the real India. How many sacrifices did Nehru Family make for freedom. Practically Zero. If you want all answers go and watch Film on Sardar Patel. Nehru was not the choice of all Pradesh congress samiti as a Prime Minister. Even Gandhiji asked Nehru" Jawahar your name is not chosen by any Pradesh Congress Committee" then Acharya Kriplani withdraw his name followed by Sardar Patel. Gandhiji's instruction was to disburse congress after freedom. But power hungry Nehru did not. So stop talking like jokers. Actually its a SHAME on Congress Party that out of population of Billion people they can not find one real patriotic person to lead Congress as President.Its shame that they choose a foreign born lady who has no knowledge or experience of what real India is all about.Any body can wear sari & learn Hindi that does not make that person a dedicated Indian. Talking about Indira, she divided the nation and made classes as to upper class and lower class to get votes. What do you know about Swiss Bank Account of Indira Gandhi???. Sonia also is promoting Christianity in India and wants part og Holy Tirumala for Church because she is Christian. This shows that she is against Hindus. I can write on & on there is no end for bad things rather things this family that hurt India's image. Before you write something and saying this organization that they are paid jokers and shouters. Don't you feel shame to promote Indira and Sonia when rest of the world is thinking about that what's wrong with Indians who choose a foreigner as their party leader who got some nerve to come USA to address UN and thank UN on behalf of Indians. What is wrong with our newly elect President ??? Why cant she come to USA to address UN. What is wrong with Prime Minister ??? They could have send a retired politician rather that sending this clown here . Its a Shame on all of us INDIAN that Sonia (Maino) will represent India. SHAME ON ALL INDIANS. SPECIALLY ALL CONGRESSES.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not that Mrs Sonia Gandhi is related to or not related to Gandhi or Nehru family but that she is the President of the Congress Party of India.Please remember Annie Besant and of course the ideals of the Mahatma himself before being judgemental.Peace and Harmony to all.

Anonymous said...

The people commenting bad about Ms.Sonia Gandhi should think of rest of the politicians in the opposite bench. Even our own Indian born Supreme court judges are biased. Think of the sacrifices the Gandhi family has made to India, if you are going to the take into consideration of the small mistakes committed during MISA period that will not be right. Truly in the modern India people have forgotten Gandhian principles. The fanatic Hindus who call themselves custodian of Hindu religion, who can not respect fellow low caste hindus put forward the argument that Ms.Sonia is a foreigner. Please remember that she did not come to politics on her own, or a team of indian experts went to Itali to select her to represent Indians.

Anonymous said...

What a joke? If a Hindu tries to defend something, he/she is immediately labelled as fundamentalist. This is "secular thinking" for you. I do not object to the fact that Sonia alias Anotonia is a foreign born but I do care what damage she is doing to India. Her activities as KGB agent and pro-terrorist policies speak louder. Her only aim seems to be use her power and influence to convert Hindus to Christianity. People who oppose her will be labelled as fanatic or fundamentalist. What a joke? She is a disgrace to India who has lied so many times including her family background and her education that she has broken laws.

Anonymous said...

After reading through all the comments (incl the post), I can only notice the phrases that Sonia is an Evangelical Christian who supports proselytism, has a hefty Swiss bank account, pro-terrorist, KGB agent (this is the most funny part), Italian Born and not worthy of speaking about Gandhi. However, not one academic source is cited or no convincing arguments. I think Indians are much informed than these rhetorics. I am not a great fan of the Gandhian family, infact I believe Indira Gandhi is a total disaster. But I totally dont support spewing out these ugly idioms. If you have a point come up with a decent argument and it will invite useful debates. Otherwise this demonstration and invitation are as worthy as your arguments. Are you really serious that there is any one offense in your whole invitation and you expect "Indians across all over America" to join your protest? As I said earlier, Indians (I guess American-Indians too) are much more knowledgable for this!

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted the last one, please visit the following which have links to all the documents that you are looking for. Do you really expect the people on the post to provide academic source? Please check it and look over the internet for articles published by well known people such as Arun Shourie, Subramaniam Swamy, Arvind Ghosh etc. The internet is a great source of information provided of course it is put forth by recognized people or supported by data (or link to a place where data can be found).
Please do this work and then attempt to judge all the postings from people.

Anonymous said...

sonia gandhi should not have addressed the un on behalf of India. she is not a government leader like the PM or FM. the family of indira gandhi is only interested in getting more generations of gandhis into power. Surely there were many more appropriate persons to talk about Mahatma Gandhi in an India with a billion plus people with millions of educated, talented and qualified individuals. future superpower India should not depend on one family or a few families for its future.

Anonymous said...

The poison against Sonia only shows you as Indian ungratefuls. You killed Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi. You killed Swami Viveka Nanda by poisoning. Your hateful vomitus against your respected leaders is nauseating especially when you live here in plenty. Why dont you go back! America does not need you. I have been to India only once and liked its people.But I dont like you here, especially when you disgrace your your own country.Most certainly you cannot be loyal to U.S. Hate is your religion. It is not your fault. Your parents brought you up like that. You are here because you have no use in India. I have enough Indian friends whom I love and respect. Thankfully none of them is like you. They respect their country of origin and love this country and all other religions.

Meg said...

dont u tlk to ppl lik that!! all u pplz up in the lil hood thinkin that u gonna get sumthin good out of Sonia bein w/e she is. Well guess wat retarts the only thin that sgonna happen is our hindu religon bein taought wrong to all the children of India so u beeter shut ur lil mouths up and get the facts! by the way all the ppl that av good comments for Indira go marry her if u luv her so much! and ima mnot an adult i am a teenager now if a teen knos so much u guyz must be really STUPID!

Anonymous said...

okiee it bout to get mad ugly now!
all u pplz up in there that think Sonia is good. well get the right facts u retarts. cuz of her the children of India r gonna b taught the wrong things bout our religon. sure we have other bad politicians but they r not changing our textbooks and saying that half the stuff in the Hindu religion is fake. Sonia is a freakin retart she has no right to even b the president of congress. i am a teenager i knew more than all of u pplz that say good things about Sonia. and th eperson that didnt agree after the second comment, the really long one good hell u idiot!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the 2 teens
they rockin it

ashok pandey said...

Sonia gandhi, please dont mention alias names she is just Mrs.Sonia Rajiv Gandhi, in the same manner The wife of King Ram (not Bhagwan only a good KING) Sita, was from Nepal but did King Ram had married her and brought her to India and ever since she remains Mother Sita for all Indians, my own Hindu brothers & sisters in India act foolishly as stupid Indians frustratingly Disgusting Indians all over the world, thanks to our own hand made Bhagwans ( not one Bhagwan is true & authentic from my knowledge) that we Hindus are in majority in India and Nepal only, let me ask the two teens can they name any better leader than Her Excellence Mrs.Sonia Rajiv Gandhi . My Hindu religion does not teach me to kill and butcher fellow human beings. Mrs.Sonia Rajiv Gandhi has given India Prosperity, Security, Integrity,Dignity and Honour to all Indians of any caste High or Low. What can these Indian born and so called Indian by birth Hindu Ministers can give India , Nothing, these Hindu ministers only fill their pockets with millions and billions using Tax payers money for themselves – indirectly they are Anti-India and Anti Indians. Live in India and you will see everything.
Ashok pandey.
Mumbai, India.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ashok,
All I will say is that you are funny.
read this...
and breath. All that you ever believed in will soon change..

Anonymous said...

All those who are anti-Sonia, I love you, my family loves you...I would like to state here that some of my close relatives have been so very close to the Nehru family and equally close to Sonia you can't imagine, but not everyone in the family has to be of the same thinking. You always find some bootlickers everywhere..

The important thing here is that our Bharat needs to quickly set their own house in order first. Gandhi is only an incentive. Let us start destroying the social evils of our country - the corrupt, the villains, the goons...

A revolution like something in France should be the only answer.

Today everyone is corrupt - BJP, VHP, RSS, CPI....all full of cheats at the helm of affairs. At the lowest level the poor janta is innocent and a bunch of cattle...

Bharat-wasis by nature have a herd mentality and have a habit of taking it lying down. The whites came and ruled us and we relented. Now it is Sonia and we are again relenting. What if tomorrow the Pakistanis manage to take control? We relent again?

M K Gandhi tried to do something for the country, but more out of his personal frustrations. And then look at the mess he created by trying to placate the two bloodsuckers- Nehru and Jinnah! Godse could not have been fully wrong - it was definitely wrong of the RSS to disown him. Gandhi is respectable, but only to a limited extent...let us not make a god out of him. I rather feel that Netaji is the father of modern Bharat..they all eliminated him.

Wake up Bharat-wasis. Shun the western culture, the western influence.Start loving and practising your rich culture, music. Do not call Pakistanis to sing on TV shows or films...1.3 billion of people have a lot of wonderful talent.

One idiot mentioned about some of us leaving the country when millions are starving at home. But that idiot...what has he done for them? Rather we who left the country are actually sending in the much needed foreign exchange. Ask the Government and the treasurer...they will tell him.

Friends, forget the hypocrites and try to do something strong and big..a revolution is needed. When that happens no Pakistan, no England, no USA, no Dawood Ibrahim, no Sonia, no Congress, no corrupt minister, no corrupt one can bring any more harm to our beloved country.

And start slapping those westernised junkies of Delhi and Bombay right and left when they disregard our culture. Just changing names of cities to Kolkata or Mumbai does not help.

Do you all agree? Then let's start a revolution. Remember what Netaji started? Can we not do it again?

Anonymous said...

And what I said about Gandhi does not mean I disrespect him, but only that we should only look at him as a human being with high values. And we should never make Godse a villain without knowing about him fully. Someone calls someone else a criminal does not make that man a criminal. These are relative terms nad everyone must get a benefit of doubt. Rapists and terrorists who bomb in the public are criminals to all and are the ones to be eliminated rapidly, but unfortunately we are unable to do anything to them. So we pick on individuals...