October 12, 2007

Gujarat Riots and Sikh Riots : Quick Comparision


Unknown said...

A very pathetic comparison. NO NEED for this type of comparison just to bail out Modi and condemn Rajiv.
When Indira gandhi was killed by her own sikh body gurad, the public anger was against the whole sikh community and lumpen elements took advantage of this and looted,raped sikhs throughout india while it was mostly carried out by lumpens led by some congress leaders and it was never proved in any of the commissions.Blaming Rajiv for this is like blaming Advani and Vajpayee for Gujerat riots.
In gujerat also the public mood was against the muslim community after the TV screens repeatedly showed the burning train compartnment. May be Modi was covertly involved and also some VHP leaders but it was never proved even in Mumbai courts. i think these type of riots happen when public mood is there and created by a spark. Politicians only TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE PUBLIC MOOD.
the recent bomb blasts in Hyderabad, Ajmer etc are linked to one organisation HUJI but, centre has to EDUCATE THE muslim masses about this. They are not convinced.State and centrre police and IB has to provide solid evidence for their suspicion if it doesnot reveal any sources. Otherwise the MOOD FOR RIOTS is building up AMONG THE MUSLIM MASSES. It requires again a spark and MIM activists to take advatange.

Thiagan said...



Why the comparison is faulty; explain

When Indira Gandhi was killed the public mood was not against sikhs; the public was tired of her corruption, authoritarianism and uncontitutional actions

It is the congress leaders who did the killings and Rajiv acquisised

Number is very large for the sikhs vs a vis muslims in Gujarat. Mody surely did a better job

Why no comments made on other inconvenient aspects

Why the secular rascals are targetting only Mody

Regarding your concerns for muslim feelings, Islam treats its minorities shabbily; why Hindu India, Chreistian West and Buddhist China treat the followers of Islam differently? When in majority impose theocracy and when in minority demand secularism and Sachaar commission. This is unacceptable and secularism is not one way traffic.

Anonymous said...

What type of human being compares riots where innocent ppl are killed? Shameful.

Anonymous said...

What type of human beings mint money and start businesses out of riots like SABRANG and ilk by peddling lies and melodramas of Arundathy ? This is an attempt to counter those people -- MEDIA , LEFTISTs pseudo seculars . GOOD JOB Intellibriefs