October 05, 2007

The Status of Corruption in the Iraqi Government


Commissioner, Commission on Public Integrity, Republic of Iraq

Hearing on Assessing the State of Iraqi Corruption, October 04, 2007

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

"Violence, intimidation and personal attacks. Since the establishment of the Commission of Public Integrity, 31 employees have been assassinated as well as at least an additional 12 family members. In a number of cases, my staff and their relatives have been kidnapped or detained and tortured prior to being killed. Many of these people were gunned down at close range. This includes my staff member Mohammed Abd Salif who was gunned down with his seven month pregnant wife. In one case of targeted death and torture, the Security Chief on my staff, was repeatedly threatened with death. His father was recently kidnapped and killed because of his son’s work at CPI. His body was found hung from a meat hook. One of my staff members who performed clerical duties was protected by my security staff, but his father was kidnapped because his son worked at CPI. This staff member’s father was 80 years old. When his dead body was found, a power drill had been used to drill his body with holes. Waleed Kashmoula was the head of CPI's Mosul branch office reporting directly me. In March 2005, A suicide bomber met with Waleed in his office wearing a suicide vest. He greeted Waleed and then detonated his vest killing Waleed. This was a specific targeted killing of CPI leadership. These are just a few examples, there are many more which were directed to my staff, me and our families. Personally, for example, my family’s home has been attacked by rockets. I have had a sniper bullet striking near me as I was outside my office. We know the corrupt will stop at nothing. They are so corrupt that they will attack their accusers and their families with both guns and meat hooks as well as counter charges of corruption. So that the accusers become the accused in a deadly game that all of us have witnessed."


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