November 22, 2007

BALOCHISTAN : Did Balach Marri made a history in Sarlat ?

Media reports claim that BLA chief Mr.Balach Marri , son of prominent Baloch nationalist leader Mr.Khair Bux Marri , was killed in Sarlath area, the no man’s land at Pak-Afghan border near Naushki district in an attack by Pakistani security forces. Aljazeera reporter Hyder says "The attack came in the same area that Mullah Dadullah was killed not so long ago," he said on Wednesday. Dadullah, the Taliban's senior military commander, died in clashes with Afghan and US-led forces in Helmand province in May.

Sarlat has historic significance in baloch national uprise , it is here the first resistance camp was errected by Mr.Agha Abdul Karim after Baloch confederacy annexed to Pakistan . Mr.Agha Abdul Karim, brother of Then Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmad Yar Khan.If the above media report about the area where Mr.Balach was killed --SARLAT , is correct then he made a history after 59 years by sacrificing his life for Baloch cause.

Excerpts from "Baloch Nationalism its Origin and Development" *

Soon after accession of Balochistan into Pakistan on On 28 March , the Baloch confederacy and rule came to an end after nearly three hundred years (1666-1948). The Khan's decision was opposed by the Baloch nationalists; wrote a Baloch writer, "Nasir 1 united all. Nasir 11 endeavoured to maintain it. Khudadad Khan fought for the whole of his life to organise a government. Mahmud Khan 11 prepared the coffin for the state, and Ahmad Yar, the present Khan, buried all, and the glory and vanity of his line."[1]

The National Party, which had espoused the cause of a "Greater Balochistan" incorporating all Baloch areas into an enlarged Kalat state, rejected accession and was behind much of the agitation. Its leaders, Mir Gaus Bakhsh Bizenjo, Mir Abdul Aziz Kurd and others, were arrested [2]

15 April 1948, Agha Abdul Karim,brother of the Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan (1933-1948) started an armed movement in the Jhalawan area backed by some nationalist leaders and with the secret approval of the Khan.

On 16 May 1948, after brief skirmishes with the well-trained and well equipped army of Pakistan, Agha Abdul Karim and his partisans, the "Baloch Mujahideen" (holy warriors), as they called themselves, about 1000 in number, crossed the border into Afghanistan and erected their camp at Karez Nazar Mohammad Khan situated in no man's land known as Sarlat in search of help. The National Party members who were still free, along with a few Baloch individuals from
Sindh and Derajat, joined the Prince.

While staying in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen adopted the following measures to achieve their goal: 1 - The sending of messages to the Baloch chiefs of eastern and western Balochistan, asking them to join in the struggle. 2 - The running of a propaganda campaign in Balochistan, aimed at the creation of unrest, disturbances, and revolt as well as the enlistment of a national liberation force. 3 - The search for international support, particularly from Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.

[1] . Muhammad Sardar Khan Baluch, History of Baluch Race and Baluchistan,pp. 125-126.

[2] Gul Khan Nasir, Tarikh-e-Balochistan. pp. 525-26.. 167 Ibid., p. 522.


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