November 02, 2007

Indo-US ties anti-China, so we will oppose: Karat

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Thursday , November 01, 2007 at 12:00:00
Updated: Thursday , November 01, 2007 at 07:49:13

Kolkata, November 1: The CPM vowed to oppose a strategic alliance between India and the United States saying such a move is aimed at countering China.

''We shall not rest in our fight till the strategic ties with the US is snapped out,'' Karat said speaking at a CPM-sponsored programme to celebrate October Revolution day in Kolkata.

He said the US was trying to make India its strategic ally in countering China, "the most powerful socialist country capable of challenging the might of the USA".

''USA has also changed its tactics of making Pakistan its strategic ally as it has now realised that if it can get India as a strategic ally, the balance will be tilted in favour of imperialism and neo-colonialism'', he said.

Karat said that people of India would fight against imperialism ‘'and cannot accept the design to convert us as a subordinate ally of the US’.

The strategic document of the US administration recognised China as a major threat to the US hegemony, Karat said.

India, with its potential for development, ‘is preferred as an ideal ally of the US. If it can get India as its ally, it can be a big game for the imperialists’, the CPM leader said.

''India is a prize for the US and not Pakistan because of its market. Developed India can be useful for counter-balancing China. This is a game the US is trying to play which has to be foiled'', he said.

The CPM general secretary said Latin American and socialist countries were looking to India for the fight against imperialism as India had a past record to fight colonialism during the Independence movement.

''When Bush administration is threatening that the Third World war will be waged against Iran for its challenge against the US might, the Indian government remained silent and that is surprising'', he said.

There was continuous threat and intimidation to Iran by Washington. ''It is regrettable that there was no word of protest against the USA''.

The ruling class in India, he said, believed that there would be development if India be on the right side of the USA.

''West Bengal is the advanced post for the fight against imperialism and in the coming days, it will continue to put up its resistance", he said.

Throughout his speech, Karat made no reference to the Indo-US nuclear deal issue.

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Anonymous said...

Prakash Karat is an ignorant genius who cares more about China than India. The Chinese will be delighted by the support from Karat and laughing at India while they sneak into her borders.