November 29, 2007

Offstumped Challenge to Mukul Sinha and Jan Sangharsh Manch

Folks those of you who may not be following the comments on this, here is a summary.

On 12th October Offstumped carried this post on the phone records in a CD presented by the JSM to the Nanavathi Commission in which it claimed to be able to pin point the location of the callers to establish a criminal nexus on the 2002 riots. Offstumped had in this post challenged the sceintific basis for that claim based on how GSM/GPRS works.

In response to this post a Mr. Harsh Varadhan representing JSM posted 2 comments on 27th Nov claiming a sound scientific basis. On the same day Offstumped challenged Mr. Varadhan to make public his data so it can be scrutinized and debated in public.

Today Mr. Varadhan responded with this comment. In response Offstumped has told and e-mailed Mr. Varadhan

The specific point of debate here is the Phone records and the scientific basis for your claim. I am passing no judgement on other evidence you may posssess or have presented. I havent seen any public record of the contents of the CDs that you claim can pin point the location. Make the phone records data available over the Internet and I will debate in person without the cloak of anonymity. That is a challenge accepted

So the ball is in the court of JSM to make the contents of the CD available in public over the Internet.

Offstumped expects the following to make this debate scientific and meaningful

- What data is available on the CDs ?

- How is the authenticity of the source of the data established ?

- How is the integrity of the data guaranteed ?

- What corroborating reference data from 2002 was the basis for the scientific analysis ?

- What algorithm, method or tool was the basis for pinpointing the location - Was it merely Cell-ID based or was Time of Arrival, Enhanced-Observed Time Difference or Assisted GPS used ?

- What were the results ?

JSM needs to make all of the above available for a serious scientific debate.

Is it up to the challenge ?

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Pratik Sinha said...

Offstumped seems to be bent upon punching some of the conclusions of Jansangharsh Manch as presented by Dr. Mukul Sinha in front of Nanavati Commission. While it is a good trend to question anybody's conclusion, it is rather far-fetched declare all by yourself that Jansangharsh Manch or Mukul Sinha has not taken up the challenge. Such a declaration has an underlying assumption that it is mandatory on part of Dr. Mukul Sinha and Jansagharsh Manch to know about the existence of offstumped and be a regular reader of the column. Offstumped has not admittedly contacted Dr Mukul Sinha or Jansangharsh Manch which they could have done since they appeared to have all information about them. The criticism of the conclusion therefore has no meaning since it is quite clear that the other side doesn't even know about the criticism being made. As readers we will trust that offstumped make all efforts to first contact Jansangharsh Manch, make efforts to get their response to the criticism, instead of denigrating the conclusions of Jansangharsh Manch which have evidently not been challenged by the Government of Gujarat which is directly affected. After feigning neutrality, it appears that Offstumped is in reality holding the candle for the Government of Gujarat and those people who are allegedly involved in the killings of hundreds of innocent.