November 19, 2007

PAKISTAN : Fresh Shia-Sunni Violence in Kurram Agency

by B. Raman

"Al Qaeda is trying to replicate Iraq in Pakistan by exacerbating the already existing divide between the Shias and the Sunnis in the civil society as well as in the Army." --- Extract from my earlier paper of November 15, 2007, titled "The State of Jihadi Terrorism in Pakistan" at


Till 1977, the Shias were in a preponderant majority in the Kurram Agency in Pakistan's Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on its border with Afghanistan and in the Northern Areas (Gilgit and Baltistan) of Jammu and Kashmir, which is presently under Pakistani occupation.

2. After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in February, 1979, there was a radicalisation of the Shias of these areas. They started demanding the creation of a separate Shia majority province to be called the Karakoram Province, consisting of the Kurram Agency, the Northern Areas and other contiguous Shia majority areas. The leadership of this movement came mainly from the Turi tribe of the Kurram Agency. The movement was allegedly funded by the Iranian intelligence.

3. Gen. Zia-ul-Haq put down this movement ruthlessly. He also started a policy of re-settling the Sunnis in these areas in order to control the Shias and dilute their preponderant majority. While Sunni ex-servicemen from other parts of Pakistan were re-settled in the Northern Areas, Afghan Sunni refugees from the refugee camps were re-settled in the Kurram Agency. This led to widespread resentment among the Shias against the Government as well as the Sunni settlers. The Iraqi intelligence too allegedly funded these Sunni settlers in the Kurram Agency to enable them to fight the radical Shias.

4. There were serious riots in Gilgit in 1988 which were ruthlessly put down by Zia with the help of a combined force of Sunni tribals and Arabs led by Osama bin Laden. Hundreds of Shias were killed. It is generally believed that the anger caused by this massacre contributed to the death of Zia-ul-Haq in a plane crash in August 1988. Enquiries into the crash reportedly brought out that the crash took place when a Shia airman belonging to Gilgit released tear-smoke or some other gas in the cockpit, thereby disorienting the crew.

5. The Kurram Agency has also been the scene of frequent Shia-Sunni clashes, with most of the attacks by the Shias directed against the Afghan and Pakistani Sunni settlers brought in by Zia. There were three major Shia-Sunni clashes in the Agency in 1983, 1988 and 1996, which resulted in the deaths of a total of 1,200 persons belonging to both the sects.

6. There was a recrudescence of the violence in April, 2007, after a gap of 11 years. For nearly three weeks from April 6, 2007, the Kurram Agency became the scene of a no-holds barred jihad waged by the local Shias and Sunnis against each other following an incident of firing allegedly by the Shias on a procession taken out by the Sunnis to mark the Holy Prophet's birthday. The local adherents of the two sects of Islam used not only small arms and ammunition, but also mortars and rocket-launchers against each other, resulting in heavy casualties. The clashes initially started in Parachinar, the capital of the Agency. It then spread to the interior areas. The imposition of a curfew by the Pakistani authorities and severe action against the local leaders and volunteers of the two sects ultimately restored an uneasy normalcy. The Pakistan Army extensively used helicopter gunships to put down the violence.

7. There were conflicting figures of the fatalities inflicted by the two sects against each other and by the security forces on the warring sects. While the Pakistani authorities estimated the total number of fatalities as around 50, non-Governmental sources estimated that at least 80 persons died in the violence.

8. During the clashes of April, 2007, the local leaders of the two sects accused the Pakistani Army of siding with the other sect. Some Sunni leaders also accused Iran of fomenting the Shia attacks against the Sunnis in order to teach Pakistan a lesson for allegedly allowing the USA's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to use the Pakistani territory for destabilisation operations against Iran.

9. Addressing the media at the Peshawar Press Club on April 9, 2007, Mast Gul, a Sunni jihadi leader, alleged that since April 6, 2007, Shias had killed hundreds of innocent Sunnis. According to him, just on one day about 28 Sunni women and children were slaughtered in the Kurram Agency. He accused Iran of providing financial resources and weapons to the Shias in the Agency. He also alleged that Iran had given shelter to Baloch nationalist leaders and was helping them. He warned the Pakistan Army that if it did not take effective action against the Shias, he would appeal to the Sunnis in the other parts of Pakistan and in Jammu and Kashmir to come to Kurram and help the local Sunnis.

10. Mast Gul used to belong to the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM), which is a founding member of Osama bin Laden's International Islamic Front (IIF) formed in 1998. He used to operate in J&K till 1995. He and his followers were responsible for the burning down of the Islamic holy shrine at Charar-e-Sharief in J&K in 1995.

11. Since violence instigated by Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda Sunni tribal elements escalated in South and North Waziristan in October, 2007, there were reports of fresh tension in the Kurram Agency in the wake of reports that the jihadi terrorists loyal to Osama bin Laden were targeting the Shia members of the Frontier Constabulary and the Frontier Corps deployed in these two Agencies. It was alleged that while the terrorists brutally killed the captured Shia soldiers, they let free the Sunnis. Some of the Shias beheaded by the terrorists belonged to the predominantly Shia tribe of Turis in the Kurram Agency. Some Shia leaders of the civil society in these two agencies were also targeted by pro-Al Qaeda elements and killed.

13. These incidents have led to a fresh outbreak of violence between the Shias and the Sunnis in the Kurram Agency since the night of November 15, 2007. Despite the imposition of a curfew by the Pakistani authorities and the use of helicopter gunships to quell the riots, violence continued for the fourt consecutive day on November 19, 2007. It has been reported that the fighting has been more fierce than in April, 2007, and that about 100 persons, including 11 members of the para-military forces, have already died in the violence.

14. Police sources suspect that the fresh violence has been engineered by Al Qaeda in order to divert the attention of the Pakistan army from its on-going operations against the jihadis in the Swat Valley.

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail:


shafique ahmed said...

Salam dear writer i fell very sad to hear the news that :After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in February, 1979, there was a radicalization of the Shias of these areas. They started demanding the creation of a separate Shia majority province to be called the Karakoram Province" i am from this area.all the facts that you are mentioned in the Blog are wrong please if you not have such information do not post any blog please.the all over the word not aggressor you will not prove it but when anybody else to bulldozed shia majority are minority they have right to defend there self.

shafique ahmed said...

Salam dear writer i fell very sad to hear the news that :After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in February, 1979, there was a radicalization of the Shias of these areas. They started demanding the creation of a separate Shia majority province to be called the Karakoram Province" i am from this area.all the facts that you are mentioned in the Blog are wrong please if you not have such information do not post any blog please.the all over the word not aggressor you will not prove it but when anybody else to bulldozed shia majority are minority they have right to defend there self.

Anonymous said...

Riaz Ali Toori
I am greatly shocked while reading above article posted by an illetrate person who has used his pen for writing lie, illogical and shit.
I am greatly shocked while reading the sentence "After the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in February, 1979, there was a radicalization of the Shias of these areas. They started demanding the creation of a separate Shia majority province to be called the Karakoram Province" which is totally wrong and white lie. I am amazed that how a person can tell or write such a lie so openly?
There is no geographical link between Kurram Agency and Northern areas. Kurram Agency is far away from Northern area and no sensible person can think and accept this that the people of area demanded to have a province for Shia in Pakistan.
Shia muslims are spreaded in majority in all provinces of pakistan and there is no clash and grievenesses between SHIA and SUNI. In Kurraam Agency the clashes between Sunni and Shia have been started from the time of Zia. Secondly the writer has showed a great dishonesty while writting that Zia had migrated Sunni in kurram Agency its wrong. These were Turi byslef who brought Sunni gave them land, bussiness even the central sunni mosque of parachinar is contructed on the property of Turi tribe.
In village Malana, Luqman Khell, Piwar, Ziran, Ali Zia and others still Sunni are living on Turi tribe land on a very small amount per year called KALANG in local tribal language.
The Blog manager and owner is requested to block the above article as it is baseless and based on white and shameless lie.


I am too greatly shocked but more than this I am laughing at the writer stupidity that He has conneccted thousands of miles away Northern Areas with Kurram Agency.
Not geographically and nor politically Kurram can be attached with Northern areas.
Let us consider the writer statement true I would like to ask how can it be managed as one province?
Where would the administration will sit in Kurram Agency or Northern areas?
I would like to tell the writter that please improve your knowledge then write on politically, educationally, economically and socailly developed tribe the Turi.
Turi posses a strong history of independence and they need not to be dependent on any one.
We are tribal and we have a very good traditions. We the Turi never like war but we know the art of self defence. You have mentioned that Zia had brought Suni there in Parachinar to weaken the Turi supermacy, i would like to tell you that Mr you are totally wrong because we the Turi never sale our lands to one if he does not belong our sub section among Turi.
Sunni and Shia were in brotherhood realtions for couples of decades in Kurram Agency and they had respected each other and each other traditions but the Zia fought us with each other and our brotherhood was broken and the peace was losted and the heaven of parachinar was deserted. These were Turi who gave lands on kalang (small profit on land per anum) and the central mosque of Suni is constructed on the property of Turi by will, love and help.
the writter whole atrticle is baseless and illogical must be deleted from the blog as its no more than a bulshit.

Anonymous said...

Another article by a Hindu full of lies ...

N.Hussain Turi said...

Dear: We will be glade if you use your imagination some where else. The way you are creating false stories is sign of hypocrate. Let me tell some thing that Shia in Kurram Agency is only defending them selves , They never attack any one in a history of Kurram Agency:

Your knowledge is weak, please eat some almonds it will help you to think better.



I think that the writer has exposed the real story of the shia comunity.
these bloody people want to establish a separate shia majority province THE KARAKORAM PROVINCE.
The shia comunity of kurram agency is totally supported by other words iran is fighting proxy at kurram agency against the sunnis[BANGASHES].
we[sunni comunity] always want piece in the rigon and want to mantain the soft image of pakistan.


i don't believe on favouritism but it is fact that shias have demanded for the separate province.
they take help from iran to wash out sunnies from kurram agency,which is just a false dream. in the main parachinar city,as sunnies are in minority therefore they always remain a victims of shia's crualties.
in short the the unionism and stabality of shias can prove a great danger for pakistan because they consider iran as there true mother land........

Hussain Khan said...

Salaam Brothers and Sisters, I have read all of your articles regarding the situation on Kurram Agency. I am deeply upset, that such good educated people, can say such things. Kurram does not belong to the Shia or the Sunnies, it belongs to each and every person that lives there. Just think of what Kurram Agency used to be, before all the volience. Do you remember when it was peaceful. Do you remember the time when you used to go each others weddings and celebrate as one. I do, but I dont want to remember these times I want to relive them again and again. We should work towards peace, our elders have there mindsets to only fighting. We are the new generation, Im sure that all of us do not want this fighting, the killings, and lies. We should be ashamed of our sleves, just imagine what the Sikhs and Hindus, must be think whom also have a say in Kurram as it is there land also.

But no one will change this, we should help each other, now is the time, to bring peace.

Just imagine what your children must be thinking, Just think, think in the eyes of your children. Instead of carrying guns, and teaching them hatered against each other, we should be teaching how to be in peace with one another. Most children havent been to school at all since the fightings have began. Lets us bring peace to Kurram Agency, so that we can build a true relationship for us and for our future generation. Let us became a City where we can grow and be in peace with each other. If I had power, I would spend time and money on education. Our children copy everymove we do, they see and know everything, they are the ones that will get hurt not the elders.

So I pray to Allah (swt) that to give us the strength to go agianst the Al Qaeda's and the Iran's. Because they are funding us for the wrong reasons.

Let us be strong, we all believe in one God, let us be One nation too.

Inshallah I am hoping to open a charity, the charity will help to fund all the people of Kurram Agency weather your Sunni, Shia, Sikh, Christain, Hindu. The charity will be a small one at first but with all of your help and the help of ALLAH (swt) we will became big.

The money will help people all over kurram to rebuild there lives, homes and educate there children. It will NOT FUND ANY WAR MATERIAL AND/OR OF SUCH NATURE.

If you are interested in helping me build this charity then email me at

When you go home just look through the eyes of your children. And just ask your self this question,

What are we fighting for??

Muslim ur Rehman orakzai said...

It is now an open secret that Shias of Pakistan, especially of Kurram Agency are not loyall towards Pakistan. Living in Pakistan their sympathies are with Iran.Iran funded Shias of Pakitan in their uprisings against the sate and the Sunni muslims.It is now exposed by the proofs that shias of Kurram visited Hamid Karzai (Afghanistan) and requisted him to support them in the War Against Sunnis of Kurram. They argued that Pakistan's ISI attacking Afghanistan and you have a golden chance for you to fight against Pakistan in the disguise of Shia of Kurram.So according to the daily DAWN ISlamabad(Agu.23 2008) Hamid Karzai agreed and sent with them about 6000 armymen(Afghan National Army). According to the report the armedmen entered in Kurram in Shorkoo area and launch offencive in Belyamin village of Lower Kurram Agency.According to another reports of daily THE NEWS and daily DWAN Isamabad (Agu.24, 2008)the said Army was fightin on the side of Sias of Kurram while thier some fellows were captured by the Zehmusht(Bagan)tribes of Kurram and presented in the front of media which were also shown on TV , the Afghan National Armymen also confessed that they paid 10000 afhgnis each.SO we come to the conclusion that how Shias of Kurram are loyall and faithfull towards Pakistan.There are a lot of siezed weapons which which are bearing the mark "made in Iran". Iran supplied weapons and Afghanistan provided army supportin the Shias of Kurram. Now every one Knew that Shia tribes of Kurram Agency are fighting against the state. But we strongly requested the govt. of Pakistan to supress the anti-state elements in the country especially in the Kurram Agency. The paper of Mr. B.Raman included some very harsh facts that are not accepted to the Shia community of Kurram Agency and Pakistan but it is true that FACTS ARE FACTS.

Hassan Zaki said...

Everyone knew the fact that Shia are not muslim.They not observing the muslim rituls as a whole. They speak dirty words against Propgets and the piouse califs.but instead they are consider muslims in the Pakistani constitution.we strongly appeal and requested the govt. to passed a bill in the parliment declaring Shia(shittes) non-muslim as don so declared ahmadi non-muslim.

Anonymous said...

There is no place in Pakistan for traitors. There are many who work on the indication of Iranian Mullahs, who are the most shameful people on earth, who have collaborated with Indians and signed pacts against Pakistan, and these are the same mullahs who have collaborated with invaders in Iraq and killing sunni population. These are the same criminals who have suppressed the sunni and kurd population of Iran, and even the good Iranians are fed up of these criminals. We are not going to let such criminals have their roots in our homeland. Pakistan provides freedom and equality of all people and its a shame to have such people, who acts as agents of Iraninan crazy mullahs, to live in our country... there is no place for criminals in our country!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone know the fact that sunnis are not muslim.They not observing the muslim rituls. They speak dirty words against the family of holy prophet.But instead they are consider muslims in the Pakistani constitution.we strongly appeal and requested the federal goverment please crash all the NWFP Province.sunnis r not called muslims and they dont know about muslims and the above bloddy mouth writter is not birth from his father i think she birth in streets or roads. i kindly request the federal government to pass a bill against the sunnis that they are not muslims and they dont know adout the meaning of islam. what means islam? what is islam? they are kafir and.............

Anonymous said...

shias r only sect in pakistan wic is being slaughtered brutly by not the majority sunny population but another sunny rediculous part whahbis.they use the name of sunnis for killing shiites but there thoughts and believes are totally different from sunnys.these illetrate people comes from afghanistan and settled in pakistan with the permission of wahabi ruler zia ul haq.these people also killed sunny in other provinces of pakistan like in karachi(sindh).

Anonymous said...

Can shias tell me why this violence have just started mainly after revolution in Iran.Where they were before that ?.Why thing have gone bad after that.Its just a propaganda that Shias are Slaughtered brutually.Shia lobby is slaughtering Sunnis on their back using thier every possible links.I dont say they are non- muslims but they should agree that they are in minority and stop destabilizing the region and playing dirty game just for Iran.

Anonymous said...

salam bro.I read the whole comments written by both sacts. But the writer should be praised who told the reality about the shia sact. they are funded by fuking iranis and afghan shumali itehad who r shias. Shia of kurram agency says that they will handle kurram to afghan government if yhey support shia to drag sunni out of kurram. They have been sponserd by iran giving them a thousand of missiles and heavy weapons,and the issue of karakuram province pakistan is not thier dad property if what they want they can do. if bangladesh and pakistan can have 1 governmnt then y can be kurram n nortern areas be 1 province, this is the answer for those who do not know.If u go to parachinar city where shia s are in majority u will see the pics. of khumaini irani leader and hizbullah a lebanise leader.

Anonymous said...

again ignorant people are commenting ,well regarding sunnis every one knows the crystal clear facts what happened in kurram agency Parachinar.All sunni can do to kill people ,un armed on roads while travelling to Peshawar etec & mutiliate their bodies.Is this Islam?off course this is SUNNI brand of islam born in sakifa,totally against essence of REAL ISLAm which stands for peace. Sunis are killing their own sunis in places like orakzai agency(300 killed in just one suicide attack on jirga) & other parts of Pakistan.May be this is taliban brand Islam of Islam. Actually sunis are helpless in face of Taliban who are actively helped by pakistan intellegence agency ISI.SUnis are so fed up that they are secretly sending message to Shias of Kurram to get rid of taliban for them. Talibans extorte money from sunnis, dont allow anything against their wishes & there are reports that Taliban have rapped women of suni Bangesh in Kurram agency.Poor sunnis of kurram are helpless even in their own villages.LET them enjoy true face of sunnism:

Anonymous said...

ABOUT idea of Karakorum, i just cant stop laughing at ignorance,Its challenge that single shia leader ever asked ofr anything like province of Karakorum.I think this stupid discussion should stop now.
Regarding shia having pic of Hizbullah leader & iranian leaders, just to correct record in sunnis areas u can see pic of gulbadin, sayyaf & murderers like him as well pic of Al qaida OSAMA BIN LAden, Hibzullah leader defeated isreal,what al qaeda & gulbadon done?gulbadin kiilled million of own afghan people for their own vested interests & Al qaeda killed & killing their own muslims all over the world(please check any news channel & u will find proof what i said)

sher khan bangash said...

Shias wants their seperate state or not it does no matter,but the game which they are playing by fighting afghan local force"milli urdu"and hizbullah against the innocent sunnies is very much dangerous.
they gave the name of taliban to all sunnies and support the proxy war of america,iran and afghanistan against those sunnies who just fight for their own defence.
with the full support of these foreign forces they capture and burn Approx 40 villages including Balymin,makhazai,muzaffarkot,munda,bagzai,marokhal,mandori etc.
they have made vedioes of the voilence they have done in the region.
they have shown destroyed mosques,burnt qurans and other holy books of sunnies,dead bodies of all age and sex,clothes of females etc in their vedioes.which tourchs every body.
i was just believing on humanity not on shiaism and sunnism but today i have very much destructive thoughts about these people because i am myself a victim and an eye wittiness

Anonymous said...

really shiaa s are bloody nasal

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
No need to blame sunnis or shias,.,.both are fool. Whoever shia or sunni talk about these bullshit are the unpaid employees of Yahood (America),.,.,look into the reality all the bloodsheds happen in the kurram agency have directly to the America.
Open History and open your eyes.
Pop john pal 2nd and president Richard M. Nixon hold meeting in Poland on how Disintegrate the USSR. Project was designed and action with objectives were planned.
The most important intervention poit was selected Afghanistan.
From Ghazi Amanullah to Najeebullah,,you all are well awared.,.,USSR has been Disintegrated by the coalliance of CIA and ISI.,.,Afghans began to fight eachother.,.Talibans came..,9/11 occured.,.Amrican Army with their alliance,.,.Justifying that pakistan tribal belt is the most danger to the US.
On ther hand Pakistan/Iran and other muslim states realized the yahoodiz intervention in muslim states and pakistan is the key country...,.
So you see Suicidal attacks on UN forces especially Americans..,The Game is plotted by ISI with KGB to Surround the Americanz forces and in response the India intelegence RAW making conspiracies and paying to jahil Molas and instigating on so called Juhad,,.So plz don't be the killer of your own muslim brothers.

laiq hussain turi said...

From Laiq Hussain Turi

I want to made clear to all my shia and sunni muslim bothers that we are living together from fourteen hundred years. Since then we did not kill even a single person of each other.But we should think that what has happened, what is the problem just arised, which we had not facing for fourteen hundred years. The fact is the open policy of US and Israeali establishment that "DIVIDE AND RULE". We should think that since when US and other western countries have started interference in Afghanistan in 1979 Shia and Sunni conflicts became common and now when US is again present in Afghanistan, these conflicts are also common. These are not shias and sunnis who began the war but third hand is involved. This is the international game.

nigi said...

Dear Brother and Sisters,

i have read all stories and comments all above, well i really dont know the history of kurram as i am from punjab pakistan, ok and here in punjab we all muslims are leaving in hormany and brother hood, well about Pakistan, It was Formed By Muhammad Ali Jinnah, "A shia" though given by ALLama Muhammad Iqbal, truelly believd a Shia, his love for AHL e BAIT can be judged from his poetry, well who can say that shias are involved in anti state activities when they same was formed by them, a thing more from above comments, non of shia has speaked about sunnism, but all sunnis have opened their mouth this is what, we call hate created by taliban, supported by america, in the minds of innocent, and ignorant sunnies, who really dont have knowledge of their on sect, the community we are leaving in there are a many brothers, who really dont know the method of Gussal but start dogmatic regarding shias, so it is my humble request to all of those first learn their on sect, then critecise other's.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pakistanis of Great Kurram Agency, I will request you to forget about the minor differences and do not fell prey of International Conspiracy against Pakistan; all these Indian writers will write to break you and push you against each other; be brave and think positive towards each other and towards Pakistan. You are great and will win against all these conspiracies.

Kamran Bangash said...

Not after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, but after the start of struggle against the Russian in Afghanistan, the society in Pakistan was radicalized. Kalashnikov culture grew slowly and gradually.Saudi Arabia played a very notorious role in promoting their brand of Islam, which is today known to the whole world by the name of Washbasin. Gradually many Deobandi Muslims converted to Wahbiism, not even knowing themselves. The flow of money from he oil rich KSA , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, made the Mullas associated with Wahabis Madrassa the most powerful. Pakistani intelligence agencies being at the pay role of KSA also supported and promoted these Mullas and their Jehadi Commanders. Thus the situation become explosive. Shias were frequently targeted not only in Parachinar, but violence against them become a routine and a normal matter through out Pakistan. Many doctors, poets and intellectuals Shias were killed by he Saudi backed ASS - Anjumane Sipahe Suhaba. Later on, these militant outfits also targeted the Beralvi Sunni, in Karachi and Punjab. On 12th of Rabi ul Awal a Beralvi gathering was targeted by Wahabis and more than 60 people were killed.

From the above map its not possible geographically to carve a single province of Kurram and Northern Areas. They are so much apart.

Today the problem of Pakistan is no the tension between the Shias and Sunnis. The problem lies in the radical change in our society. People have become more aggressive, intolerant and extremist.And the undue interference of Saudi Arabia in our internal affairs. Unless we do not change ourselves, we are going to disintegrate.
May God Bless our Homeland.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all the ummaties of prophet muhammad (pbuh).
I am from kashmir and i travel to other parts of the globe where i see those who r not muslims r having many charity centers ngo etc.But when i travel to to muslim parts there i allways notice that if i met to to shia he gives his thought abt his religion n if i met to sunni he gives his thoughs abt his religion means both either shia or sunni is trying to say the he is the one among 73 fiqa's of muslims as said by prophet (pbuh) only one sect will be right .So therefore every one is trying to show that they r right..
Now my request to u all ummaties is to make such a caracter ist by which not only we will fell proud but others will also say which community they belong to.
As u all might be knowing that our prophet (pbuh)during the 40 years what he showed to others how peoples belived him n why our prophet (pbuh) was being asked after 40 years by allah(swt) to say that i am the messenger of God.Just think abt this u will get the real meaning of muslim n i am sure if a person will understand that then there will be no conflict between shia n sunni even there will be no conflict in world.
(Minazulmatilan noor)

Anonymous said...

Plz dont blame each other we all are muslim and we both shia and suni are brother.this is time that we both have to united and defeated the AMERICA bcoz this is hand of third part to conflict the both sect we have to think positive becoz now adays every muslim are facing too much problem.we should have provide eduacatiƶn for our children not create tension and dont have give weapon.

Anonymous said...

All shias should take revenge on sunnis, they are the blister of Islam. Pakistan should be made into a shia country only. Allah bless Siah's only, Allah is with Siah.

Anonymous said...

Some sunni are talking brotherhood between Shia and Sunni, but the fact is , by this way they are shamelessly trying to divert the attention from Sunni's torturing on Shias to muslim brotherhood.
Allah will not spare the Sunnis for their torturing on Sunnis.

shah said...


Shias being oppressed. whats new? Pakistan crazy society will never get it right. And those who opprses the shias, they forget the kingdoms dont exist anymore.hehehheh

Forget you dictator rulers in the muslim world as they are fading away while the black flag stands tall above the horizen.

Havent you guys learnt your lesson? Do you still beleive your carrying the gods message through your gun and oppression? lOL I find it funny where honour killing is like drinking water and these people represent Islam. actually ops even the shias of pakistan are part of this ugly culture. However to end it, wake up..........