November 20, 2007

These hands are Stained in Blood: PRAKASH KARAT


The Prudent Indian

Taslima Bibi - an armed band entered the village, assaulted residents and began firing; Sheikh Qayum Qazi - Killed because he participated in processions and meetings since he wasn’t sure of what would happen to his land; Maqsuda Bibi - refugee Sheikh Anwar Ali - victim of terror; Mir Akbar Ali - witnessed wife’s rape and two teenage daughters missing since then; Abdul Hamid - House burnt; Mossamat Akhera Bibi -Raped, 2 teenage daughters missing; Sayam Kazi - Shops wrecked; Sheikh Akram - bullet wound; Sheikh Samad - house burnt down; Rabiul Islam - forced to carry a red flag; Abu Taher – refugee still; Sheikh Jamshed - refugee, home ransacked; Mehroon Bibi - beaten up, hospitalized her shop was burnt to ashes and she was forced to abandon her home; Jehnara Bibi - beaten up for not joining a rally; Shamima Begum - beaten up for not joining a rally; Ansura Khatun - Age 16 missing; Mansura Khatun - Age 14 missing; Nuhu Nabi - house ransacked; Bulu Mir - 30 shot fighting for life; Amina Khatun - 7 years old saw her family thrashed and forced out of their home; Abdul Odud, the 62-year-old retired headmaster of Garchakraberia primary school. He and his son Md Mujdafa Ali are now in hospital with serious injuries; .Mohibul whose, two-storied house that had been completely gutted. Its owner, said he was targeted because his absconding elder brother is a BUPC leader; Maleka Bibi of Osmanchak; Abu Mondal at Mohammedpur Satangabari’s; Abida KhatunKhairul Mir - house ransacked, torched; Sheikh Jakaria, a resident of Satnambar jalpai village in Nandigram, is a teacher of Kanchannagar South Primary School in Garchakraberia, the most violence-hit village in Nandigram; Sheikh Mujtafa - had been beaten up at the Nandigram CPI-M office and released later; Sheikh Seikhwan, a 72-year-old man from Amgachia, said that he was beaten up brutally by the CPI-M cadres who forced him to leave his home on Saturday…

courtesy : yossarin.

All the above mentioned are the real “innocent victims” of


Really? YOU ASK!







Name one 24×7 news channel which reported this?

Name one Secular,Liberal Journalist who told you the name of these victims?

Name one Secular,Liberal Progressive Journalist shedding tears for these victims?

Name one secular ally of UPA (Unholy Perverse Alliance) partner paying even a lip service for these people?

Where is the terrorist friendly Teesta Setelwad?

What has Happened to “Verbal Terrorist” Arundhiti Roy?

Any answers, O you goody goody poets/Artists/Filmi/Secular blabbers?

The famous ’secular’ Filimi Couple ,Shabana and another motor mouth Javed are ‘conspicuous’ by their absence!

Another motormouth of the film industry who revels in being a ‘bastard’-the one who has an opinion on every thing under the Sun- is stunningly silent!

The celebrated ‘Editor in Chief’ and another ‘Managing Editor’ of self righteous,preaching,flag bearer of ‘Secularism’ are very controlled in their ‘indignation’. Carefully worded Op-Eds and the studio discussions are being written/conducted so as to ‘pin’ the blame on Poor people of Nandigram. Well! nothing new here,remember how the media projected the Ram Sewkas -who were burnt alive by Organised Mulism Mob-as some one who invited the mayhem (sic). Here too they are all out to save the fellow ‘comrades’ from the ‘wrath’ of public sic .sic very sic.

That ‘Pony Tail’ sting master has gone in to hiding! Any of you know where he is? where are the ‘hidden’ cameras and micro phones?

Imagine the head lines had it happened in GUJARAT?

Need I tell you more?

I DARE “Italian” SONIA to arrest Chinese” PRAKASH AND THEIR “Secular” HENCHMEN for the atrocities committed on the innocent Muslims of NandiGram.

But will she really? Never,as she know that Chair and Power is more important than Moral values and ethics. And yes of course,she is busy ‘Crowining’ the heir aspirent,who hold a license to Govern!

to be concluded …

A-Gajaz -E- Ishik Hai Rota Hai Kaya;

Aagey Aagey Dekheiya Hota hai kaya.

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