November 24, 2007

UAE Baloch mourn Balach Marri untimely death

UAE Baloch mourn Nawabzada Balach Khan Marri's untimely death caused by attack of Pakistani military . Gazain Marri , elder brother of Balach Marri organised this condolence meeting in Dubai .


Anonymous said...

i appreciate u for editing such pictures with news these are such news being hiden by paki media.i hope you always keep on publishing news aboyt baloch.

Anonymous said...

A year has past since Balach's gift of his young life for motherland Balochistan on the foot steps of Noruz Khan, Prince Karim, Proud Baloch Akbar Khan Bugti, where we stand today is very worrysome for Baloch Nation.
We mighgt listen to Asif Zardari to stop our struggle for kicking out Punjabi/Mohajir army from Balochistan but actually what we decided is sit on edge of a Valcano which name Pakistan which will errupt anytime.