December 14, 2007

Maplecroft publishes set of 25 human rights risk indices

Maplecroft publishes set of 25 human rights risk indices and global report in December 2007

[10/12/2007]On the occasion of Human Rights Day (10 December), Maplecroft has published a set of 25 country human rights risk indices, measuring the risk to business from human rights violations. Every business needs to understand the risk it runs of being complicit with human right s violations; even if violations are outside of business operations, they may be considered within its sphere of influence. Concerns about human rights arise from many different issues – human security, labour rights and civil liberties. So Maplecroft has created indices for 20 different sets of violations. Aggregated indices – on human security, labour rights, civil liberties and the overall human rights situation – summarise each country’s individual risk profile and relevant business responsibilities.

Individual report cards on each country allow quick and easy assessment of its human rights situation. These are also brought together in a global report. Detailed country human rights risk briefings are available on request. These are updated quarterly and can be tailored to your specifications.

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