February 12, 2008

BALOCHISTAN : Pakistani Army Launched Air and ground attacks on Baluchis


Kahan: Pakistani Army’s Fighter jets and Cobra Helicopters Bombared, Barely, Chapar, Bohari, Pengor, Andhaari, Sourain Kaur, Nisao, Siyah Khoo, Bohal Gari, Dengo, Wasaloo, Lundi and Mengowali areas in Kohistan Marri on Monday. More then 750 Innocent Balochs have been captured and shifted to unknow locations in Pakistani Helicopters. The Majority of arrested Balochs are farmers and Shepherds.
In this Operation Pakistani army used 8 Cobra Helicopters and 2 Fighter jets. Pakistan,s Punjabi army continued killing and looting the livestock of local population. A herd consist of 40 sheeps and goats killed in air attack. 50 sheeps and goats captured and taken to army basis for Food Purposes.
More then 15 innocent Baloch including children and women injured on Monday due to Pakistani Brutal air bombardment on Local Population in Kohistan Marri. Said Anjuman Ithead Marri in a Press release.

Heavy artillery Including Tanks and Arms being shifted to Kohistan Marri Via Barkhan, Fazil Chail and Watakari From Punjab. He said

It to be noted that 92 Baloch Family were captured and shifted to unknown location last year by Pakistani army. No one knows about there whereabout until now. Pakistani army’s Barbarism is not new for us Balochs. Said Spokesman of Anjuman Ithead Marri.

Meanwhile Baloch Liberation army attacked Punjabi forces in many areas in kohistan Marri. Clashes between Pakistani army and Baloch National army continue in the area. Sources said.

BRA targeted Army vehicle with a remote controled device. 6 pakistani soldiers inujured
on 2008/2/12

QUETTA: Baloch Freedom Fighters targeted Bhamboor rifle vehicle with a remote controlled device. in a result 6 Pakistani soldiers died and more then 10 were injured. the injured were shifted to Hospital. The injured soldiers were in a critical state. However it is not confirmed yet how many of them survived.

Meanwhile Spokesman of Baloch Republican army claimed responsiblity of the attack in a phone call to press agencies. The injured were regular army and were dressed with Frontier corps uniforms and were using Bhamboor rifels vehicle. said Mr. Sarbaz Baloch while talking to the media.

In another attack BRA Targeted Pakistani army's Tank Near Marav

Dera Bugti with a remote controlled device. in a result all the soldiers died in a vehicle. The vehcile destroyed completly in the explosion. Mr. Sarbaz Baloch said.

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