October 04, 2008

INDIA : After MAD, terror outfits planned BAM

DNA Correspondent
Saturday, October 04, 2008 17:39 IST

MANGALORE: Some sketches and other incriminating documents seized from the four terror suspects arrested at Mangalore on Friday indicated they had been planning a BAM (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mangalore) blasts after the recent MAD (Mumbai,Ahmedabad, Delhi) blasts.

The joint-operation, the Mumbai police, Karnataka's police and anti-Naxal squad, succeeded nabbing four Indian Mujahidin activists with substantial cash, CD, explosives, Jihad material, credits cards and active mobile sets. In all, 11 people were picked up, of whom four have been placed under arrests, and the remainder let off after interrogation.

The arrested, Mohammed Ali (56), resident of Mukkachari, Jawed Ali (20), student of Quranic studies in Ullal, Naushad (25), a resident of Subhashnagar engaged in construction work, and Ahmed Bawa (33), a resident of Haleyangady, engaged in petty business have all been booked under Unorganised Activities (Prevention) Act and sections of IPC for anti-national activities and sedition. All of them are branded close allies of Roshan alias Riaz of Bhatkal. Bhatkal is a fast progressing port town in Uttar Kannada district on the coastal Karnataka. It has, however, been under the grip of communal clashes for the past several years.

Interrogation of the arrested has revealed that terror modules had planned more attacks on some religious places of Bangalore, Mangalore and Ahmedabad. This was to be followed up with a serial attack on some key security installations. However, no date or time has been marked. Riaz Bhatkal has emerged the most-wanted man for the anti-terror security forces after the Mumbai ATS earlier this month learnt from arrested IM activists that Riaz is the kingpin of the terror network. He emerged a terror figure after his suspected involvement in the killing of a BJP MLA and a medical practioner Dr.Chittaranjan at Bhatkal in 1996.

The Mumbai police had said that Bhatkal was a key person and had knowledge of all the blasts. Moreover, he was ranked very high in the IM hierarchy, the police had also said.

The Inspector General of Police (Southern Range) A M Prasad said the police were hopeful gathering crucial information after the examinations of the CDs, hard-discs and SIM cards seized from the suspects. The fact that over Rs.11 lakhs in cash were found on their possession indicated the deep pocket the terror network kingpins had developed, the police officer said.


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