December 25, 2008

Three Innovative elements of "French White Paper on Defense and National Security"

The French White Paper on Defense and National Security

This analysis examines the French white paper published in June 2008, and argues that France has embarked on an in-depth overhaul of its security and defense strategy. The author identifies three innovative elements in the white paper.

First, France is shifting its focus from spheres of influence to a 'strategic arc' of instability that stretches from the Atlantic via the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa and on to South Asia.

Second, the white paper puts greater emphasis on intelligence.

Third, it approves France's reintegration into NATO's integrated military command structure.

© 2008 Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich
Download: English (PDF · 3 pages · 450 KB)
Author: Claudia Major
Series: CSS Analyses in Security Policy
Volume: 3
Issue: 46
Publisher: Center for Security Studies (CSS), Zurich, Switzerland

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